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good customer service
  • brian - January 29, 2019

The saw does perform very well. I did have a issue with the air filter. But have since contacted the company. And i was pleased to find they are working to make it right for me. The bar you buy separately is technically a 32 inch bar. They measured the entire bar length and not the cutting length mounted to the saw. I really have no complaints considering the price. I set mine up to mill with and have roughly 1000 board feet milled so far. It does require some tweaking, that's to be expected. I will steadily update this if anything changes. I think everyone should give it a try. I never would have attempted one of these clone saws if i didnt find it on amazon.

customer service is good

First pulls to start, the third one the rope handle recoil broke. I replace the recoil rope and handle from my old saw and gently pulled four more times and she fired up. Idled a full tank of gas, then second tank half throttle. Then I started to cut. Little lack of power but it should get better with higher octane fuel and carb adjustments. She cut down four huge trees. 50-inch diameter trees. But she vibrates and the screws and handle fell off and broke. So the seller asked me what parts I needed. He or She, gladly is sending me the recoil, rope and handle and screws to fix the item. I will install all hardware with lock tight and she should be fine. I will update this review again when the parts show up and I can operate her to cut down my last 50-inch tree. I will add some pictures too.

Incredible value

Overall, I'm happy so far with the saw. Had an issue with the original clutch, but the seller made things right; great customer service.

Enough power to go through a 17"diameter hard maple log with ease.

I broke it in by using the expensive pre mix 40:1 has and added more synthetic 2 stroke oil to get to the recommended 25:1 ratio. I idled it for a whole tank with a 30 minute break about halfway through the tank. For cutting, I mix synthetic 2 stroke oil with ethanol free 90 octane gas 25:1. I cut 8.5 ft slabs and then turn the saw off while I work the slab. No problems so far. Starts on first or second pull when cold and choked. When warm, starts first pull every time. I did have to adjust the carb a little bit but I am so happy to be able to mill my trees for under 400 bucks into a chainsaw. Can't be beat.

Do not run yours without a bar and chain.

Good saw, required some adjustments

The first start was a little difficult. Holding the saw with the bar pointing straight down at the ground for thirty seconds or so helped prime the carburetor with fuel. After that it started right up.

Initially the saw would not run when held horizontally (i.e. in normal tree-cutting position). That turned out to be the vent tube on the gas tank: it has a screw in the end that needed to be backed out a few turns to increase the airflow into the tank.

I also adjusted the speed governor, which can be found by removing the starter pull-rope unit (four screws hold it on to the motor). I moved the hook side of the spring to the lowest notch on the semi-circular, toothed thingy, and that seemed to help as well.

Very heavy, well worth the money.

Looks like the old Stihl 070 saw, weighs about 36 lb with the bar and chain. I cut down over 20 trees within the last month. Most trees we're over 3 feet in diameter. With the chisel tooth chain this saw will notch and cut down a tree within minutes. Has normal vibration problems, nuts and bolts will need to be retighten frequently. Well worth the money, I would buy this saw again.