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The 1-star ratings were wrong. why? here's why

This is an amazing value for a simple powerful easy and quiet chainsaw. No muss no fuss, like I had with the 3 gas-powered chainsaws still in my garage that I can't afford to repair.

All those 1-star ratings? About the chain popping off, or plastic fittings, or worked then didn't work? . . . I'm pretty sure those people didn't read and follow the instructions .

Mine arrived with the chain off, which was annoying at first -- so I read the instructions, took the casing apart, figured out how it works, and then paid attention to it while I was using it. Turns out it was a good thing after all, because it forced me to learn about it -- or I would have just plugged it in, fired it up, and maybe had some of those problems.

I'm 6 trees in over 3 days, they are 14-16" swamp maples, about 600 cuts or so, and i'm just now thinking about sharpening the chain for the first time.

I have taken off the casing twice, to clean out the oily sawdust -- and the chain only popped off once, when I didn't check the tension every 20 cuts or so like I had been doing. It's also important to keep the oil chamber filled, but you can tell when it runs dry, the sound changes.

So read the instructions, don't rush, and let the saw do it's job -- just like the instrutions say.

Good Saw But Keep That Chain Lubed!

I contacted Oregon and was glad to receive prompt and friendly service. Oregon stands behind their products. The unit was shipped back to their facility free of charge and I received the new unit in the mail this past week. So far this weekend I have cut up approximately two cord of cedar, maple and cherry, jumping the chain once, but overall without any issues. One thing I have observed from the new unit is that it is using significantly more lubrication, keeping the chain a nice glistening, almost dripping, wet. It appropriately slings lube off the chain now if I leave the saw running long enough. The first saw I received, while it was steadily consuming lube from the reservoir, appeared to be more on the conservative side in its application to the chain and would never really "sling" any lube no matter how long I ran it. Final verdict:

Pros: For an electric saw, the thing is a beast, allowing you to make use of the full bar length when cutting large rounds. Quiet enough not to piss of the neighbors. The clutch mechanism makes it incredibly safe. The price for a unit this powerful is currently unmatched. Sharpening feature is probably pretty handy, although I have yet to try it. Great support from Oregon.

Cons: Catastrophic failure of the saw could potentially result from low lubrication to the chain -- YOU ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY MUST KEEP IT LUBED AND COOL. The side-mounted motor gets in the way sometimes and makes the CG of the saw offset to the left of the bar making it a bit awkward to hold at times. The lube fill cap should have been positioned on the left side to avoid chip accumulation around the cap.

Overall, I like this saw. Bottom line: when it works, it works well. For those of you accustomed to using gas saws of mostly metal construction, be mindful that this saw is indeed made of plastic and will melt critical components if things get hot. I'm hoping Oregon takes note of this and improves upon this in the next generation of this saw. For now, careful observation of operating temps and routine maintenance, I am hopeful, should be sufficient in providing a useful service life for this product.

I'm changing my rating to one star. After cutting about a cord of wood today, the chain kept coming off. I opened it up, and low and behold, the plastic casing had melted, creating a misalignment between the chain and gear; i.e. it walks the chain right off the gear now. The chain was pretty warm, but that's not all that uncommon if you cut a lot of wood. It was cool enough for me to pick it up without gloves. It appeared to be getting plenty of lube on the chain, and I had kept the reservoir topped off, so I know it never ran dry. The chain was tensioned cold per the instructions. I'll be contacting Oregon for warranty service tomorrow, but from what I read in the manual, I'll have to pay for shipping which will likely be as expensive as the cost of the saw. I will post back the outcome in a few days, but right now I'm wishing I'd ponied up and went with the Makita. You'll notice the casing around the gear hub is metal on the Makita and not plastic like the Oregon. I view this as a serious design flaw with the Oregon.

Cut to the quick. Invest in oil futures now.
  • Vir - March 9, 2017

After having one go missing I bought this locally in 2015. With it I have felled two 20 year old walnuts and a 50+ year four pronged wild cherry tree with surprising ease for an electric.

Self sharpening is wonderful. However the lever is plastic and like mine can break. However Oregon is a wonderful company and I had a replacement sharpening bit and lever within 3 days.

Solid customer support

Built to take excessive abuse. (except the sharpening lever.)

Light weight (for a chainsaw, A bit hefty compared to electrics, but its all power)

No fumes

No oil/gas mixture

Quick release emergency break,which being electric isnt really needed given that the moment you take your finger off the trigger the chain stops. No lag what so ever,

Nice balance between all purpose cutting blade (16 inch) and powerful motor, all while remaining fairly light all things considered.
powerful 18 amp (consider your washer, Fridge other large housewares typically pull off of 20 amp breakers.) motor.

Heavy (for an electric)

absolutely Drinks bar chain oil (2 quarts in one full year of cutting and half a year of light duty is a bit much for the quality of oil used.)

Sharpener works a little too well and you can grind a chain pretty quickly. Ive only cut for 1.5 years and I already feel like I need a new chain. Maybe its just that it makes sharpening a bit too much fun.

The chain likes to pop off a little too easily.

The mechanism that sets up the bar and turns the chain then tightens the whole thing requires two separate turns on the big knob. The problem is if you do not get the first thread on right, the second thread will pop off within minutes, if not seconds.

Bar is shorter than I would like and I had trouble with the wild cherry trunk having to cut out wedges to break it down. However theoretically can be upgraded to 18 or even 20 inch with relative ease.

Summary: If your work can be done at the length of an extension cord (Or you have a generator or strong truck battery power inverter) this thing is a beast for what it is, and what it costs. However most of its "pros" seem to be in line with the advantages of using electric over gas/oil. Its cons are its own, warts and all, however none of them are really that bad considering the total package.

Definitely worth my money, even having to pay 25$ more buying it locally.

Can't find a better deal...

Before using this CS I have literally never used one before. The wife and I purchased a home on 1.5 acres and it is completely wooded. There were several trees that needed to come down. These are white oak, 60-80 foot tall and at the largest, 20 inches in circumference. The neighbor has been running his own fire wood business for 15 years. He has tremendous knowledge on the proper use and safety of CS's. A friend of his will cut the tree down and he will come chop it up as long as he can take the big stuff.
I asked his opinion on getting an electric CS. He said there is no way an electric will be able to handle the trees in our area. I purchased this Oregon CS1500 anyways...I'm not a good listener and I'm glad. He was going to come show me how to use a CS but I was anxious so I watched several videos on the proper use and safety and jumped in.
Now I do not have any experience using CS's but I am certain that if you choose to get an electric, you will not find one better than this one for this price. So I took it out of the box, took the chain off and oiled what needed to be oiled and was up and running in 10 mins. I had several large logs that I needed to cut down to a manageable size.
Truly first time using I go for the 15 inch, the blade is about 3 inches longer. It goes through with ease...I was actually surprised how easy it was. I made about 15 cuts of the same size. Then the neighbor comes over and uses it. He was very impressed. He said he has never seen a chain that looked the way it did. Self sharpening I imagine. He liked the self sharpening aspect as well. He said the parts were well made and strong. The balance and weight were great in his opinion too. He said for an electric and for the price he was sincerely impressed and surprised.
This was last was in the detached garage all winter. I took it out last week to cut a few logs I left laying in the back yard and it fired right up. So the ease of use and up keep are just so easy.
As a novice CS user this Oregon CS1500 could not be any easier. I love when you make a purchase and the product is everything you expected and more. For the money and ease of use and care, I do not think there is a better deal available.
On a side note, before I purchased this CS. I had a question about the oil and called the Oregon customer service number. I spoke to a real person and she answered my question. She was honest and knowledgeable. They have a customer for life. I like real people.


I love this chainsaw. I had two gas chainsaws and every time I would take them out to use, they wouldn't start or they ran like crap. I bought this Oregon electric chainsaw and have never looked back. Awesome product!!!

The main reason I am writing this review is to comment on all of the reviews that mention the chain falling off. These people have no idea what they are doing. I have never had the chain fall off while using this chainsaw. I suspect the chain oiler is clogged or they are not setting up the chain tension per the included instructions. If the oiler is not pumping oil on the bar, then the chain will heat up and EXPAND!!! This will cause many problems including the chain falling off the bar.

An easy way to tell if the chain oiler is working is to hold the tip of the bar close to a log that you are going to cut. Run the chainsaw at full speed and you should see oil splatter onto the wood. If you see no oil hitting the wood, then your oiler is not working. Stop and figure out why. If you continue and the chain and bar are dry, I guarantee your chain will start falling off and parts will start to melt like one of the reviewers on here.

If your chainsaw is not pumping oil then read the manual. If you still can't figure it out, contact Oregon. This is where you will see Oregon shine. Excellent support!!!


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-Lightweight for comfort and ease of use

-Silent between cuts

-Chainsaw starts with the pull of a trigger - no pull cords

Premium cell technology means constant no-fade power and holds a charge in storage for month

Run Time - Cuts approximately 400 branches 2-3 Inch in diameter on a single battery charge

Tool Weight with Guide Bar and Chain: 12.0 lb (5.4kg) with battery