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Nice saw, More Yellow Please! To match my other Poulan Pro's!

I am a saw guy. I have many. The first thing I do with any new saw is to take it apart to identify any defects and fittment issues to correct them before they can become a problem.
I am happy to say I found none. A single T27 torx is all you need for a teardown. The fasteners are also slotted so the scrench works also. All the covers come off and on easily. The screws in the top cover are "captive" so they aren't going to get lost if you service it in the field, a great design feature. The bar studds and the pivot of the chain brake are anchored in plastic. The clutch cover has stout metal inserts for the stud nuts to tighten against. The side adjust chain tensioner is easy to use.
The saw has a metal clamshell crankcase that isn't going to melt if the muffler gets loose like some consumer grade saws. It does not have a bolt on cylinder. It has a inboard clutch for easy chain removal but sprocket is integral with the clutch drum. Not my favorite design but it works. It is held on with a "C" clip. The fit and finish and construction seems first rate.
I mixed up a gallon of 50:1 mix with stabil and non ethanol 90 octane recreational gas. I followed the starting procedure on the top cover. It popped, and then I pushed in the choke as instructed and it was running on the next pull. It has a large muffler yet it still sounds like a propper chainsaw.
This saw seems to have a lot going for it. Super easy starting, (although I prefer a standard recoil system) side chain adjustment. It cuts as good as any consumer grade saw of its size, with the supplied low profile safety chain. I like it a lot. It does come with a spare chain, so if you dull the one on the saw you won't have to stop your cutting, just swap the chain and continue.
The target customer of this saw probably cannot apprecieate the excelent design features of this tool. It has an adjustible carburator with nice deep guide holes for the spline tool and a metal crankcase. There are many premium brand name saws that do not have these features at this price point.
The anti vibration system is a steel spring system and it works very well.
I believe this saw represents a pretty good value. I collect and modify chainsaws as a hobby. I don't even know how many I have in total, but I have at least 35 Poulans the largest being 85cc's. This is easily as good or better than any of the consumer grade Poulan's I own. And I own a lot of them, see attached picture (all Poulans). Oh and yes you can cut down a tree with it, very easily. This ash tree was a little over 16 inches in diameter. My saw did not come with a bumper spike. I need to contact Poulan about that. I don't own any other saws that don't have one. Perhaps they forgot to install one at the factory. No big deal. It is still a very nice saw.
This is the cleanest running saw I own. Using the supplied synthetic oil and recreational gas mix, this saw makes no visible exhaust smoke and very little smell. That is very unusual. The clean air technology built into this saw works very well. The chain held its edge well and after the initial stretch after the first couple of cuts, it held its tension. I cut and limbed the entire tree without taking the edge off the chain. It is still sharp. I cut this tree down, limbed it and cut it into short lengths and did not have to refuel the saw. It just sips fuel.
The on board scrench storage is very handy. I adjusted the idle speed half way thru cutting this tree, it was nice to not have to go to the barn or truck to get a tool to make the adjustment.
I should mention due to the "easy start" the starter recoil has a very weird feel to it. If you are not a saw guy you probably won't notice it. I am used to starting saws up to 100cc's with a direct connection between the pull handle and the flywheel. This one feels like the starter rope is made of rubber. I would rather have the option of a standard feeling recoil. Give the customer a choice?

What a great deal!

We were looking for a 14inch cut but saw this chainsaw and for the price we felt we had to purchase it. It is more tan expected. It came with a hard case which is perfect for protecting the saw when traveling to cutting area. It, also, came with an extra chain and oil for gas mixture. The only thing we had to purchase was chain oil and we were ready to go. Has now cut over a dozen trees and is going strong. Have told others and they are planning on buying.

My experience with this saw after Irma has been great. Idle required adjusting

My experience with this saw after Irma has been great. Idle required adjusting, but instructions in manual were clear and straightforward. Have used it on 5 different occasions without incident: starts up smoothly and cuts through branches up to 10 inched like butter. Very satisfied.

Poor Packaging

I just received my Poulan Pro. It was priced well below the chain stores in my area (Lowe's and Home Depot). It arrived a day earlier than promised. However, it was in an oversized box with a thin strip of brown paper thrown in. There was so much room in the box that the saw was obviously thrown around in there enough to cause the blade guard to come off and separate from the main box. I won't know until tomorrow if the chain bar is bent or not - I hope not because I really need it to do some real work this weekend.

Nice saw!

I've used saws for years and I have always trusted Poulan more than others. The saw has automatic decompression so no need to hit any button when starting, It's pretty tough and good size engine for 18 inch saw. It arrived without the extra chain which the seller automatically sent to me upon notifying them so customer service was great there! The only draw back I saw was it did not have spikes where the bar comes out so you can put the saw up against whatever your cutting and dig the spikes in. That's minor though. If you know how to use a saw that kind of stuff is optional. Recommend using 90 octane minimum fuel with no ethanol as it runs better. Or...use fuel stabilizer for ethanol.


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With the OxyPower engine technology, you can get that extra power for virtually any task. This technology offers a more powerful engine, but also 70% less emissions and 20% lower fuel consumption

Effortless pull starting system reduces pull force 30% for easier starting and reduced wear on the starter mechanism

The combi tool is integrated into the rear handle, it's always there when you need it for maintenance

The purge bulb, which provides the carburetor with fuel and makes the product easier to start with fewer pulls, is protected, reducing the risk of damage

User friendly combined choke/stop control allows faster starting and greater reliability by reducing the risk of engine flooding