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Great Saw!

I abused this poor little saw and it just kept asking for more. The reason I purchased a chainsaw was because I had to remove 9 small trees - roots and all - from beside our screened lanai so I could replant them. The trunks were 4-8 inches and the trees were ~12 feet tall. This little guy chewed through the trunks and limbs no problem. To get the roots out I would dig them out as much as I could between the lanai and a fence, then plunge the saw at an angle through the dirt, mud, and root systems and slice them out like pieces of pie. I would dull the chain every few trees but the little saw had more than enough horsepower! Very impressed for the cost.

I did find myself tightening the tension quite a bit but given the conditions I put her through that's not a surprise

Quiet and fast

I have had one outing with this saw and I like it.

Setup took a little while - reading the instructions (I want to get it right) pre-lubricating the chain and lubricating bar, installing the chain and then doing the 5 minutes of gentle run-in/tension adjusting that they recommend. I went slow and careful on this because I want to do it right. I spent about 1 hour setting it up. But it could be done well in less time I guess.

The cutting speed is great. And the saw is so quiet. Qualify that - this is my first electric chainsaw. I haven't had a new chainsaw in a long time so I can't comment on how it compares to other similar models. But I am liking this one a LOT so far. The saw has a bit more weight to it than I expected but it is well balanced and easy to handle.

I think it's fair to add that I went with this brand over the very-well-rated Worx for two reasons: 1) I have had a Poulan chainsaw for a while - it's really old. So I knew they know chainsaws (in fact I googled and found that they are owned by Husqvarna now - who also knows chainsaws and is regarded as high quality). So they probably know from experience where to invest and where it's ok to cut corners. (Worx is new and diverse and most likely is probably still acquiring this sort of wisdom) 2) The plastic tension handle on the Worx looks convenient. But I'm thinking about owning this for a LONG time. And I think that a metal bolt is more likely to last a LONG time than a plastic handle!

I will only give it 4 stars now based on initial performance. I will reserve the 5th star until I see if it's got durability. (I actually value durability a LOT more than 1 star but I think I don't want to reflect that in stars BEFORE I know what it's like).

You can never go wrong with a Poulan

You can never go wrong with a Poulan. Took it out of the box, put the chain on, added oil and began trimming tree limbs like a hot knife through warm butter. This is my 2nd Poulan electric saw, it lasted a good 10 yrs. I'll never buy any other brand.

i have been really pleased with the performance of this chainsaw

i have been really pleased with the performance of this chainsaw. I had anticipated that it would be powerful enough to no more than just some branch trimming. I was able to cut down and cut up 3 spruce trees of about 18" diameter with no problem in just a couple of hours. Even to the point of cutting the stumps at ground level. I did need to tighten the chain a couple of times, but that has happened with my gas chainsaw also. This was a real bargain for the price.

Perfect chainsaw for a woman!

When I ordered this chainsaw my sons made fun of me, expecting a cheap little "toy" chainsaw. I am here to tell you this is one tough little baby! I have no trouble using it because it is a basic plug in and use. My son actually came over the other day and helped me saw some firewood in half since we have a great little Kimberly wood stove and it takes small pieces of wood. He was surprised by its power and toughness! I just grinned proudly while he bragged about it! Not a bad buy for a grandma of 8!


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2. Poulan 967061601 Chainsaw

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The Poulan PL1416 was undoubtedly our number one Poulan Saws. That being said, there were a few other very premium quality Poulan Saws we wanted to show you here that barely missed first place.

The next in our tool break down is manufactured by Poulan which is a very highly regarded tool brand. Poulan's Chainsaws are one of their top products. I was eager to try the model 967061601 and I was not let down!

This Chainsaw is merely $102.20. That is a terrific deal for a high quality Saw like the 967061601 by Poulan. The Poulan 967061601 is really a solid option. Of you are unsure about our number one selection, I would select this Saw.

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Poulan 967061601 Features

OxyPower technology not only offers greatly lowered emission levels, but also reduces the fuel consumption and gives you more power

Super Clean filtering system provides a longer air filter life and reduced fuel consumption while maintaining power

Automatic gear driven oiler keeps the bar and chain lubricated to reduce wear and minimize maintenance time

Reduced vibration handle minimizes operator fatigue and makes using this chainsaw more comfortable

The primer bulb draws fuel into the carburetor to make the engine easier to start