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What Real People Are Saying About The POWERWORKS CS60L2510PW

Snapper 60v owners we have not been abandoned - HOLY SHEET ITS LIKE A LIGHT SABRE

I own a snapper 60v push mower, snapper discontinued the 60v equipment last year seeming leaving us high and dry. Greenworks was the manufacturer of that equipment and the powerworks line is, apparently, the exact same thing. I got my chainsaw yesterday. The powerworks battery is IDENTICAL in every outer dimensions as the snapper battery. The slots, tabs, buttons, indentations in the plastic, is identical. Only the colors and stickers are different. The powerworks battery will charge off the snapper charger, it will fit into and power the snapper mower, and the snapper battery will fit into the powerworks chainsaw and power it. So if you own snapper 60v equipment we still have a source of batteries, chargers, and compatible lawn equipment. I've only cut one 1 inch branch so far with the saw but it zipped through about as fast as a cheap 14 inch gas saw. Its a meaty unit too. if you were looking to buy a light weight saw for small limbing work, this isn't it. this is a 37-45 cc gas saw replacement. I had a poulan p3314 and its got more power than that saw did and isn't the colossal piece of junk that saw was. Thank you Greenworks for not leaving us Snapper buyers out in the cold.

update 6/6/2019 - I got it out and used it for the 1st time today. I had a small wild tree growing in the front at the fence. was 20 feet high trunk 6 or so inches. it took me a grand total of 5 minutes to decimate this tree. seriously I felt like I was Thano's with the inifinity gaunlet. I got it down, limbed it and everything in 5 minutes. I used a grand total of 1 bar on the battery. this saw is MUCH faster and more powerful than poulan p3314, way way faster than a 9 amp homelight 14 inch, and stupidly fast compared to my 18 volt ryobi cs1800. this really is a 37-45cc replacement saw.

Really pleasantly surprised

I own 14" and 20" gas saws - I got this one for carrying around the farm for the occasional limb/small tree across the road, but had a REAL tree across the road yesterday (17-18" at cut locations) and only had 2 bars on the battery due to use around the house beforehand. The saw breezed through 4 complete cuts and some clean up and still had one bar left. I was soooo surprised that it did that - I didn't think it would last but obviously did and still had a little juice left over. I probably ran it for ~ 30 minutes before the tree incident yesterday. I got it to carry in the back of the truck (enclosed w my hunting gear) thinking that it wouldn't have all the gas smell that my others do - so far, so good. I've had it 2 months now - I have to say that I'll pick this one up first given what I know now.

So happy I got this.

Awesome chainsaw. And lucky for me a few months after I bought it I had 5 average sized trees fall on my house and this came in really handy plus it’s nice to only worry about a battery and oil and off you go. Great product and honestly I have the powerworks line up and they all have great power

Works very well

Able to effectively cut large branches with ease

Great chain saw

No more gas and oil last about as long as I want to work cuts good