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What Real People Are Saying About The Redback 106493

Battery-powered Chainsaw

Great product and mfg. customer service. Very pleasantly surprised about how powerful it is. As another reviewer said, cuts through logs like butter and much quieter than gas chainsaws. Had problem with the oil line kinked and contacted Redback directly (even tho it was only 3 weeks and within Amazon return period) and within one week returned saw and new one was shipped to me. Had more very large logs to cut and didn't want to wait.

Great saw when you're tired of maintaining gas-powered tools.
  • Wil - December 18, 2018

Loving my new saw. The battery did need to be re-charged sooner than I'd expected, but, I used it to trim back some burning bushes. So, I did work it. I'm still getting used to an electric saw, but I'm tired of tuning gas-powered machines, so I'll be keeping this baby.

Electric rules!

Excellent chainsaw!!! I will never ever go back to gas powered chainsaws again!!!

It has remarkable torque and more battery-charge life than you might expect

I just dropped a 24-inch-diameter water oak with this saw. I was skeptical, as you likely are, that a battery-powered chain saw could develop the torque to do anything more than lopping small limbs. This thing cuts. If you're sick of pulling on that non-starting two-stroke gas chain saw and having it not start, this is a good alternative. All that said, I don't think this saw would work for professionals. You get about an hour's run time from a battery charge. So a tree service would need a lot of batteries. But consider that when you're not cutting, the motor isn't running, so I can get a lot done in an hour and the battery charges reasonably quickly. It runs quietly; you're not waking up the neighbors if you start cutting early in the morning. One design feature I think can be improved is the hand-tightened chain tensioner. You have two hand-tightened plastic 'wing nuts,' a smaller one to tighten the chain and a larger one to affix the bar to the saw. The larger one tends to loosen easily, so you need to check its tightness frequently. However that's easy to don't need a ratchet set, you just hand-tighten it. All in all, this has been a good, reliable tool, far superior to the gas saws I've owned; and it comes with a one-year warranty.

Very Impressive

I received one of these about 18 months ago, and am an experienced user of other battery, corded electric, and gasoline powered chainsaws. Very impressed with the power and battery life: I cut a full face cord (1/3 full cord) of silver maple (photo) with one, 2 Amp battery when a neighbor had an 18" limb come down in a storm. I have felled 18" birch trees (photo) with it. As with any chainsaw, keep the chain sharp and use it within its capacities. Lots of advantages to a battery powered saw: low noise; easy starting; no fuel issues; no spark plugs, air filters, carburetors, etc.; can store indoors; etc. I would compare it against 40 - 45 cc gasoline chainsaws in terms of power.