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Good saw at a great price!

The obvious first question is would I buy it again? The easy quick answer is absolutely!

I bought the saw at the end of July 2017 to replace my similar sized 30 year old Homelite that decided it did not want to run any more. Since then, I’ve used the new Remington about 5 times, about an hour each time. I turn off the saw every time I stop cutting to clear the debris away (I do not let it idle on the ground).

Following the cold-start directions, the saw has started easily each time. Restarting during the job has been one pull (I’ve ignored the manufacturer’s restart steps). The saw cuts well and feels balanced when I use it. It has enough power for what I am using it for. It has easily done everything that I’ve asked it to do.

I am a homeowner with a lot of trees, but I do not burn wood. My chainsaw needs are to clean up storm damage or remove dead trees. The cuts I make are almost always less than 8 inches in diameter, usually in the 2 to 5 inch range.

When I was looking for a small chainsaw, including some of the “famous” chainsaw brands, it was unsettling that virtually every brand had 10% or more one star reviews, including this saw. I decided that the distributions of five stars to one star reviews were essentially the same for the Husqvarna I was looking at and the Remington, so I went for the cheaper price.

By the way, looking at the owner documentation, Remington is made by MTD, which is a large lawn and garden equipment company with many different brands. I was also curious about repair parts. MTD has them on its website, but no one else seems to have Remington parts. It has an Oregon chain easily available, but the Oregon replacement bar uses a different Oregon chain (MTD does offer the original bar).

At the time, I was able to buy the Remington 42cc with 16 inch bar and case, with Michigan sales tax, and a Square Trade 5 year warranty from Amazon for under $150 delivered. Note on the warranty, it is actually for 4 years after the manufacturer’s warranty expires, but they wrongly assumed a one year mfg warranty. Remington has a two year warranty, so, if I need it and the warranty works, I’m actually covered for 6 years. Bottom line, much cheaper saw, with case, and longer warranty than Husqvarna.

Is the saw perfect? Well…

As other reviews said, it leaks chain oil when stored, but no worse than my old Homelite did. I don’t know, maybe all saws leak.

The case is an ugly black cube with a sheath for the blade sticking out. The Homelite case was more contoured and “prettier”. The Remington case has space for spare chains and small bottles of 2cycle oil and chain oil. Some reviews complain about the case, but I think it is just fine.

The cold-start procedure is multi-step, but it is well documented in the owner’s manual and on two separate decals on the saw (one with just pictures, one with text). Best part is, it has worked perfectly first time every time I’ve used it (zero starting problems). The steps are turn on the ignition switch, press the clear rubber primer bulb 10 times, pull out the choke, crank 5 times (even if it tries to start, don’t fiddle with the choke), push the choke in, crank 1-5 more times. Every time, it has started for me on the first or second crank after the choke is back in (open). As I said, restarting during the job, which I do many times, is no steps, just turn the ignition on and one pull.

Speaking of cranking, it is smooth and easy. Much less effort than my Homelite, which was also a small saw.

Here’s my first and only real negative about the saw. I hate the choke. It is a pull/push button like on outboard motors from the 1950’s. No problem when the choke is in (“open”). However, the button feels like it is on a rubber band when you pull it out to close the choke. It wants to return to the in (open) position by itself. It does not like to remain in the “out” position. I keep my fingers crossed that the choke remains closed while I’m doing the first five cranks. Maybe it is designed that way so if the saw starts, the vibration automatically opens the choke.

The other negative I had when I first got the saw was that I thought it was under-powered. It wanted to bog down every time I tried cutting a branch more than 3 inches in diameter. I think the factory had set the chain far too tight and it was binding. I haven’t had this problem since I adjusted the chain.

I do like the clear rubber primer bulb. Since it is clear, you can see the gas and know whether you are trying to start or use a saw that is out of gas.

The saw has an automatic chain oiler, but no manual button to give it extra oil for a big cut (my Homelite had both).

I believe this saw represents a pretty good value, May 30, 2016

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I got the 18" version of this saw, identical except for the length of the bar. This review applies to all three versions of this saw, 14,16 18 inch.
First impression pulling the box out of the shipping box. This thing is very heavy! After getting it out of the box I found out why. The plastic case it comes with is very stout. The owners manual is very thick, about like a phone book. Once I got the saw itself out of its case I realized that the saw is about average for its size and class.
I am a saw guy. I have many. The first thing I do with any new saw is to take it apart to identify any defects and fittment issues to correct them before they can become a problem.
I am happy to say I found none. A single T25 torx and a #2 phillips is all that is needed for a teardown. All the covers come off and on easily. The bar studds and even the pivot of the chain brake are anchored in metal. The clutch cover has stout metal inserts for the stud nuts to tighten against. The side adjust chain tensioner is a great convenience.
The saw has a metal crankcase that isn't going to melt if the muffler gets loose. Ih has a bolt on cylinder for easy top end rebuilds if needed. It also has a rim drive sprocket for economical replacement and drive ratio changes. The design and construction seems first rate.
I mixed up a gallon of 40:1 mix with stabil and non ethanol 90 octane recreational gas. I followed the starting procedure on the top cover. It popped, and then I pushed in the choke as instructed and it was running on the next pull. It has a large muffler yet it still sounds like a propper chainsaw.
This saw seems to have a lot going for it. Very little plastic, easy starting, adjustible chain oiler, side chain adjustment. It cuts as good as anything with the supplied low profile safety chain. It also is constructed in such a manner that the saw hobbiest can easily modify it for increased output. I like it a lot.
The target customer of this saw probably cannot apprecieate the excelent design features of this tool. It has an adjustible carburator and a metal crankcase. There are many premium brand name saws that do not have these features at this price point.
In fairness I should mention that the anti vibration system is not as smooth as some of the spring mount systems I have used. It works well but does not isolate as well as a $600 saw. The weight is with the bar and chain mounted, full of oil and fuel mix. Ready to work. Less than a bowling ball and a lot more fun. You hold this with 2 hands after all.
I believe this saw represents a pretty good value. I rate it 5 stars

Remington 18 in. 46cc Outlaw

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 OK this review offer is a deal I could not pass on a bet, as a seasoned woodcutter myself I have grown fond of chainsaws & as far as I am concerned you can never have to many of them!
So after receiving the saw last night I wasted no time this morning breaking it out & giving it a once over....
1st impression.... nice! right off I loved it as it just looks rugged & reliable.
The Outlaw comes in a sturdy black carry case which will serve well in transporting this in the back of a pickup.
The saw comes with a chain on the bar ready to go.... just add the gas & bar & chain oil, adjust the chain & you are ready to rip.
The saw also comes with one bottle of synthetic 2 cycle oil & an adjustment tool as well as an illustrated easy to read user manual.
Speaking of the user manual.... it's best to read it first ! you may know chainsaws but you don't know this one yet, every chainsaw is a little different so it is best to familiarize yourself with these things before learning the hard way.
After prepping the saw I was ready to give it the test.... I have allot of logs ready to cut & split for winter firewood & winter is fast approaching so I am eager to get to it....
Long story short - she fired right up quick & easy.... it took less pulls to start than the manual suggested was needed..... [ see video
Verdict - the outlaw scores high in ease of starting!
As far as obvious shortcomings go, I see only one.... which is that both the fuel & bar & chain oil are lacking the more secure lock down caps.
Ok.... now to what really matters, how well does it cut?
Well I was making short work of the log pile as the Outlaw was slicing through those logs like a hot knife through butter.... gotta love it!
The Outlaw comes with a two year warrant... I mean warranty :) and as I see it the Outlaw 18 in. is a value based purchase, as you get allot for your money.
Now to the bottom line - based on my limited experience with this saw, I give it 4 stars.... the 5th star awarded is based on my confidence in the company, meaning I expect/hope the machine will over the years prove itself to be just as rugged & reliable on the inside as it appears to be... if not, I'll be back to let you know!

Remington chain saw
  • Vince - November 11, 2016

I purchased this chain saw to clear some woodland. I read the reviews and was a little leery about the bad reviews it received but I decided to make the purchase. The larger size of the saw and the engine plus the carrying case were what sold me. I have used this saw all summer and I have not regretted this purchase. I am 76 years old and have no problem starting or using this saw. It starts easy, idles well, and has more than enough power to cut large size trees. It leaks bar oil when put it away but this happens on most chain saws unless you actually drain the oil reservoir. Great price.

No longer like the product

Reading the reviews I was nervous to buy this saw. But it's actually really good. I work tree service and my company and me personally always went with sthil and I'm not saying it's as good cause it's not but its still a good saw. Just take care of it and it will be worth while. Dont take care of it and use it like a greenhorn dont blame the saw for you lack of using one and maitence. Flopped my biggest tree with this saw. Granted I had to do some special magic to make my face cut but in the end fell over perfect. I did climb with it once on a side job and I wouldn't suggest that. There was one point I was balancing on this lead and I was done cutting so I clipped it back to my belt and let it dropped and just about pulled me over. Climbing with it is doable but I'd suggest a lighter saw.

UPDATE - Used the saw maybe 5 times and after what I'm thinking of the 5th time the saw no longer wants to turn on. An oh my lard does this thing leak so much oil. Not only do you waste you money buying this saw, your gonna waste your money constantly on oil. Honestly go buy a good named brand unless you got money to waste on shit hoping it will be different for you.


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The Remington RM4216 was really our number one Remington Saws. With that said, there are a handful of other really great selections when it comes to Remington Saws. We have the best of them in this article.

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This Chainsaw is merely $30.15. That is an exceptional deal for a superior Saw like the RM1425 by Remington. The Remington RM1425 is truly a solid option. Of you are uncertain about our number one choice, I would pick this Saw.

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Remington RM1425 Features

LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: At just over 6 pounds, the compact, easy-to-wield design is perfectly suited for your small limb trimming needs

POWERFUL TRIMMING: Squeeze the trigger to engage the 8-amp electric motor and cut through small branches or saplings

PUSH BUTTON OILER: Avoid the mess and quickly disperse the right amount of oil to lubricate the 14-inch, safety-conscious, low-kickback bar

QUICK TENSIONER: External tension adjuster makes fast work of changing the chain’s tension

WRAPAROUND HANDGUARD: Handle is covered by a handguard to keep your hands away from flying debris

NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: Comes fully assembled ready to cut