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Performance is excellent

This is saw is a no name brand chainsaw that was far more than I thought it could be. Lots of torque. Came with bar and chain that was straight and sharp. Shakes alot less than the one I had previously. Aluminum 3/4 handle that leaves you wanting more. Working chain brake. Also had a chainsaw tool for adjusting bar and removing spark plug. Oiler flows a bit too fast for my use but adjusting it at the bottom slowed things down a bit. Has a funky pull starter that inputs more revolutions than you pull like a weed eater. Not used to it. Starts every pull or every other pull. Ran great out of the box. Once broken in i will adjust the high jet to my liking. This isn't a stihl by any means but for those who own 10 acres or so it's a perfect home saw. Well worth the price. It's like a 12 year old Taiwanese boy built it just for me. You can feel the love he put into this saw with all 7 of his fingers.

A value workhorse!

I am not a lumberjack, I'm a diy backyard warrior kind. I got this saw for a project to slab a 20" x 12ft maple log I have in my yard. Definitely biting off more than i should be, but this chainsaw has been amazingly up for the challenge! The engine REALLY chews up wood. No problems with power, or stalling. Starts easily every time.

There are some important limitations. The clutch is not amazing, and sometimes slips. The safety chain brake is definitely a cheap, ineffective afterthought. It's pretty obvious it wasn't part of the original design, but attached to the chain cover. It's too sensitive, and easily activates, which made assembly tricky. Moreover, it melted when I really put the saw through its paces..... So maybe not the safest, but with this length kickback is less of a concern to me.

as far as power for price... Can't beat it. I'd probably buy again.

Outstanding chainsaw!
  • Bill - March 18, 2019

Bought this saw six months ago and have not used it until this week due to weather. It is an amazing chainsaw regardless of price, and yes, I have had a Stihl as well. The first time I put gas in it, it started on about the tenth pull. Using it today, after initial start, it always started on first pull. The 22" bar and chain cut through fallen limbs, many 6"-10", like butter.
I see Amazon doesn’t have any available now, but it is a Chinese knockoff I presume. If you find another 52cc chainsaw at this low price, it is probably the same one with different label.

High quality, low price, perfect deal.

I'm a journeyman tree trimmer who clears trees away for the power lines. I'm pretty particular about my chainsaws, mostly using Stihl and Husqvarna. When my own personal saws decided to grow legs and walk out of my garage, I needed a good deal in a hurry to take care of my rental properties. Not wanting to drop a grand or better on a trim saw and ground saw, I bought this big beast and matching trim saw. I'm astonished at the performance. I used them on 2 crabapples, a big hickory and various other trees so far. They rip right through everything and have the power you'd expect from a big name brand.

Fantastic little saw

I bought this little guy mostly for delimbing after falling a tree. Now I love finding things to chop up just so I can use it. This little chainsaw is a Powerhouse. I have previously only owned Stihl chainsaws, but this has become my new favorite. I pulled the choke a bit too hard and ended up removing the choke pull, so I replaced it with a small piece of Steel cable and it was right back in action. I would recommend this all to any beginner or experienced tree work or enthusiast. Small and light enough for just about anyone to comfortably handle, but strong enough to meet and exceed anyone's expectations. Anyone that does not have an extremely positive review on this product did not receive the same product that I did or they don't know their ass from a hole in the ground


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Ridgeyard 52cc 20

2. Ridgeyard 52cc 20" Chainsaw

  • (8 Ratings)

It's true that the Ridgeyard 52cc Pro was the Ridgeyard Saws that we graded at the top. That doesn't mean there aren't a number of other superb selections when it comes to Ridgeyard Saws. We have a breakdown of them here.

Ridgeyard is an additional major maker of Saws. They build the tool next on our rundown. Ridgeyard's Chainsaws are great as well. It was terrific to try the 52cc 20". I was very pleased using this tool!

This Chainsaw is merely $103.99. That is a great deal for a superior Saw like the 52cc 20" by Ridgeyard. The Ridgeyard 52cc 20" is truly a sound alternative. Of you are unsure about our top selection, I would choose this Saw.

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Ridgeyard 52cc 20" Features

Heavy duty forged crankshaft for maximum strength and durability

Low vibration design makes the operation comfortable and reduces noise greatly

Combined start/stop switch make the chainsaw very easy and smooth to start

The cleaning air-intake system can efficiently prevent the dust and debris entering into the engine

Ideal for tree pruning,land cleaning,firewood cutting, storm clean-up and so on