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What Real People Are Saying About The Rockwell RK7323

Great multi-purpose saw that performs cross, rip, mitre, and scroll cuts admirably!

This is a fantastic, portable multi-purpose saw table. While it's obviously not a real table saw with a circular blade and doesn't have the advantages and total accuracy of a true table saw, it is far safer and infinitely more portable.

Despite some complaints from other users, I have found it quite easy to make straight, accurate cuts. The fence and mitre both work well when properly set and used. I wrapped my mitre slide with a little bit of masking tape to reduce slop, and find it best to clamp the workpiece to the mitre to further reduce chatter and slop. When utilizing proper technique and quality blades--I recommend Festool brand--tear-out is non-existent and I get highly accurate cuts.

I was able to reduce a 5/8"x5.5"x6' cedar fence board into a birdhouse in about 5 minutes of total cut time--made a great gift for my mother! I haven't given it much of a run as a scroll/jig saw, but I did a couple of free-hand curved cuts just for kicks and was able to get pretty decent results. I have also experimented with cutting a nominal pine 2"x4" (actual about 1.5"x3.5") and had no problems making the cut with a little patience. I haven't had the opportunity nor the need to try cutting metal, tile, or laminate but with quality blades I'm sure those would cut just fine.

Tighten everything down (clamp to bench or other surface, tighten arm and blade guard fully) and let the saw do the work (don't rush it or push too hard) and you should find this a very versatile and functional tool.

I would further suggest "whiting-out" (or "whatever-other-coloring-out") the tabletop ruler and guidelines by spreading some acrylic paint over the plastic surface tabletop with a sponge brush or paper towel (remove the red plastic insert near the blade first to avoid any chance of affecting the color of that piece of plastic) and wiping away the excess paint with a damp cloth or paper towel. The resulting effect will be clearly demarcated lines and increments that may help you achieve more accurate cuts. I did the same with the miter gauge, and it made it much easier to make accurate cuts without straining to see the markings.

Great careful what blades you use for rip cutting

First let me say that now that I realize what an idiot I was this is an awesome saw. I say I was an idiot because I couldn't get it do rip cuts for the life of me. I am putting down laminate flooring and couldn't get the thing to make even cuts down the length of a board no matter how I lined up the guide. I even used a tape measure and measured from the guide to the blade and from the guide to the back end mount that goes in-between the kerf. Here's where I went wrong and hopefully I can save you some trouble. I bought another brand of t-shank blades specifically made for laminate flooring. They cut great, but...they are too thin so the kerf won't line up with the back end that mounts to the platform, its beveled where the kerf is suppose to meet it so if you use the Rockwell blades the board slides right through. Bottom line, if you are buying a different brand of blades for rip cuts, compare them to the width/kerf of the Rockwell wood cutting blade that comes with the saw. Now, that aside, thinner blades won't be an issue for any other type of cuts. My only real complaint is that I wish the miter block was longer and had less play in it; since I am putting down quarter-round trim a millimeter or two of play isn't going to make a difference, but if you need serious precision this won't cut it...pun intended! The rubber feet are reasonable effective and you can fairly easily push a board through with one hand use the other to keep the saw from sliding backwards; that's on concrete, on flooring it slides easily. I don't think it is the manual but there is a bracket that folds down from underneath the front that you can use to latch onto a workbench so it can't slide backwards. Since I am using it on the floor, I can't use it. The vacuum port isn't a catch call for sure but it helps quite a bit, so every few boards or after a long rip cut you'll have to detach the shop vac and do a little clean up. Don't hesitate, its a sturdy saw even though the base is all plastic its very durable. I'm no contractor and don't have any plans for heavy duty projects, for flooring it is fantastic; no need to run back and forth between outside and the room you are working int, just plop it down on the floor with a shop vac go to town! I'd definitely buy it again for what I am using it for and can't imagine it won't hold up to other light or medium duty projects.

Well worth it...
  • Ed - December 2, 2017

This is just a great little tool. For perspective, I'm just a homeowner, not a contractor. It doesn't replace a table saw or a chop saw, but this can do a lot of things they can't. It obviously has its place in a shop, but when used within what I think are obviously limits, it is perfect. I had no problem with the blade moving as some report, and it was very easy to change blades. I also tried it with a vacuum attached and it was almost 100% dust free. Very worthwhile purchase. I own several Rockwell tools, they don't disappoint.
If I could give it 6 stars I would. I've been using this for primarily small wood projects. Today I helped someone refurbishing an old above-ground pool, so we were doing a lot of metal cutting. I had to remove the blade guide completely (due to the size of the pieces we were cutting) and figured the blade (original that came with the saw) would last about 10 minutes. By the end of the job the saw performed perfectly and the blade was still in good shape. It worked beautifully.

Great saw for where space is at a premium.

I don't have the luxury of keeping lots of power tools out for ready use. Like most people my only space is my garage which is limited. This table saw I can put on a shelf and bring down to use quickly on my folding B&D WorkMate folding workbench. The light weigh makes it very portable. The many included blades give it versatility. The vacuum attachment means cutting is a clean activity. I need to make cuts regularly and the BladeRunner does the job while nicely fitting into my life.

The Best Table Saw for straight and Diagonal Cuts

I used this to install laminate wood flooring myself. This product was everything I needed and more. There are several blades for optional pieces. If you're doing more than one room, just buy extra blades to replace once your blade is dull. I also loved the versatility of the machine. The blade can be pressed down and turned in different directions to achieve angles and diagonal cuts. Additonally, you hook your vacuum to the hose on the saw and it sucks up the saw dust as you're cutting You will be definitely satisfied with this saw. Recommendation: Please have extra blades because your blade will get dull. Orhan than that. Perfect.


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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Rockwell Saws Available Today
Rockwell RK7241S featured image

2. Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw

  • (140 Ratings)

The Rockwell RK7323 was undoubtedly our preferred Rockwell Saws. However, there were a handful of other really high quality Rockwell Saws worth showcasing here that only just missed the mark.

Next on our list is built by Rockwell known to be a very reputable tool manufacturer. Rockwell's Table Saws are among their leading offerings. It was terrific to check out the RK7241S. I was very happy using this tool!

The Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw, at $420.69 is an especially exceptional Saw for the price. If you uncertain about our top choice, I'd look into the Rockwell RK7241S next. It's a first class tool at a terrific price.

Full Rockwell RK7241S Review

Rockwell RK7241S Features

Heavy duty, yet versatile and light weight for the jobsite, work shop, or cabinet shop

Most cutting depth of any saw in its class

Folding fence for extra wide cuts. Maximum cutting depth at 90°: 3 9/16 inches, Maximum cutting depth at 45°: 2 9/16 inches

Exclusive laser indicator adjusts blade tilt.Max Dado Blade Diameter:6 inch

Fully assembled trolley stand for portability.Rated No-load Speed:4800 rpm

Besides the tools we already covered, I would definitely take a look at the SS7202 by Rockwell and the Rockwell SS7208/7207. Both tool manufacturers are known for their premium Saws. Both tools are top rated as well. The Rockwell advertises a user rating of 3.5/5 when contrasted against the 3.5/5 star rating for the SS7208/7207 by Rockwell.

The SS7202 by Rockwell has a few features you wont experience on other similar Table Saws. One example is Rockwell table saw, bench top, 120 vac, 13 a, 60 hz, 10 in blade diameter, 5/8 in arbor, 4500 RPM, 45 deg, 90 deg cutting capacity, 2-1/2 in, 3 in cutting depth. The SS7208/7207 by Rockwell however, is very competitive featuring 10" table saw with folding leg stand and even Powerful 15 amp motor.

I can easily endorse either of these Rockwell Saws