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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Rockwell Saws Available Today
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2. Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw

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It was really nice as well and hard to say which is better. Worm drives are about torque but are not light. I also purchased the Rockwell dado insert. This is my 4th Rockwell machine. Loud and dusty, sure, but that is expected.

The Rockwell RK3441K Circular Saw B00GTEU0M4 was our favorite Rockwell Saws. Having said that, there were a few other really premium quality Rockwell Saws we wanted to showcase here that just barely missed the mark.

The next in our tool break down is manufactured by Rockwell which is a very respectable tool supplier. Rockwell's Table Saws are also top quality. I was eager to try the model RK7241S and I was not disappointed!

The Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw, at $420.69 is an especially great Saw for the money. The Rockwell RK7241S is truly a sound option. Of you are unsure about our number one pick, I'd suggest you pick this Saw.

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Rockwell RK7241S Features

Heavy duty, yet versatile and light weight for the jobsite, work shop, or cabinet shop

Most cutting depth of any saw in its class

Folding fence for extra wide cuts. Maximum cutting depth at 90°: 3 9/16 inches, Maximum cutting depth at 45°: 2 9/16 inches

Exclusive laser indicator adjusts blade tilt.Max Dado Blade Diameter:6 inch

Fully assembled trolley stand for portability.Rated No-load Speed:4800 rpm

The RK7315 by Rockwell and the RK7453 by Rockwell are well worth taking a look at as well. Both these tool manufactures are considered some of the top makers of premium Saws. Both tools are highly rated as well. Real customers gave the RK7315 an rating on average of 4.2/5 stars. Contrast that to the RK7453 that boasts an average score of 3.3/5 stars.

The RK7315 by Rockwell comes with a few features you wont experience on other similar Scroll Saws. One example is Powerful, lightweight 1.2-amp scroll saw ideal for a variety of woodworking projects. The Rockwell RK7453 however, is very competitive offering Powerful, lightweight 2.5-amp band saw ideal for a variety of woodworking projects and even Die-cast aluminum table bevels from 0 to 45 degrees.

I would be eager to endorse either of these Rockwell Saws
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4. Rockwell RK7453 Band Saw

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Very impressed with the Band Saw. I use this in my metalworking shop. I haven't had any issues at all. I discovered this saw from Rockwell by accident. The Band Saw has little to no vibrations.

Honorable Mentions

We found a handful more fantastic Rockwell Saws available. Below are a few to select from if the tools above don't be a good fit for you. We found numerous fantastic Saws throughout our research. Through in depth analysis and assessments, the choices mentioned above were our favorites. However, the Saws listed below deliver some distinct characteristics on top of the fact that they are each top ranked Rockwell Saws.

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5. Rockwell RC3748 Jigsaw

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My old Porter Cable saw is not this good. The weight is nice to keep the Jigsaw steady. Well made for the price and extremely usable. This tool cuts buttery smooth along any line. I love this Jigsaw and have no regrets.

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6. Rockwell RK7135 Miter Saw

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All in all, its a great and amazing Miter Saw. The slider mechanism is great, strong. Changes bevels and angles smoothly. Included parts are very good. The Rockwell RK7135 is way better than any Miter Saw I’ve owned before.

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7. Rockwell SS7208/7207 Table Saw

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The setup was relatively easy with a helper. So, having a storage rack is great. Aside from that, the saw is amazing. Adjustments were easy and this saw works extremely well. Easy to transport from place to place.

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8. Rockwell SS7202 Table Saw

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There's hardly any plastic anywhere. For the price I don't see how you can go wrong. My fence broke after less than 6 months. The major problem I had was assembling the saw on the stand. Miter Gauge - The miter gauge is an absolute joke.