Top 1 Best SENIX Saws

What Real People Are Saying About The SENIX A01300222

It works well, and does the job.

I bought the Senix chain saw after I bought their pole saw, which I have reviewed with the same headline.

I live in the city and have Sycamore, Oak and Chery trees that need to be pruned, and periodically drop (large) branches that I use for my fireplace and chimenea. I recently cut up a pile of 10 inch diameter Sycamore branches, and it had no problem at all. Note that they had been drying under a tarp for the past year, so they were not green. I used to own a Stihl gas chain saw that I gave to my brother, but it would have had a hard time with large green Sycamore branches.

Bottom line, its runs and cuts nicely, and has a nice price point. It also uses the same battery as the pole saw, so I have a back up for both.