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Worth every dime...and then some!

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 First of all I have to say that when I bought this chainsaw at just under $100, my expectation were fairly low. I’ve been blown away by its performance. I decided to look for an inexpensive saw to cut and trim some small trees that had been growing for years around the pond behind our house. The HOA wasn’t doing anything to clean up the area so I took matters into my own hands.

The saw takes some getting used to, but it blew through every thing I tossed at it. We went from a pond overrun with unmaintained trees to a cleared out pond perimeter in just under 6 hours. In that timeframe I had to charge the batter 4 times. You get about 30-45 minutes out of each charge (which is actually very impressive given the load it’s dealing with).

Overall I couldn’t be happier with this tool. At this price for the performance it puts out, its a steal.

Cleaning up the yard of my new house

This little chainsaw is fantastic! I moved into a new home and was looking for a way to clean up my backyard quickly without having to use a hand saw. Behold this little chainsaw which is battery powered and helps me tackle all my daily tasks in minutes instead of hours with the hand saw. I've even used it to cur down the darn bushes in our front yard that seem to keep coming back year after year. I just need an electric shovel to scoop it out and life would be great. The blades are sharp and make quick work of small logs and branches.

Great for light duty work around the yard - battery lasts a long time.
  • R.J. - February 1, 2019

I bought this to take down a few old hedges to regrow an area of my yard with berry bushes in the spring. This made what I expected to be a couple hours worth of work into less than an hour. Additionally - I live in a wooded area that gets a lot of downed limbs during high wind or winter storms; it's nice to have this ready to go when I have to break down the wood.

I haven't done a "torture test with this one [yet] but it's eaten up everything I've thrown at it. For the price and quality - this one is a no-brainer.

  • Sam - January 29, 2019

Small, durable and portable... it’s made of decent material. It doesn’t have the best manual but installing the chain was straight forward.

Overall it does a decent job for cutting off small branches. I haven’t tried cutting into thick pieces of wood yet but I think it will do the job.

Good deal

Worked great, easy to use, glad i bought it. The bar and chain are easy to adjust and the automatic oiler is nice. Keep in mind the bar and chain are fairly short