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What Real People Are Saying About The Snapper SXDCS82

It gets the job done, while saving the environment!

I am so impressed with my decision to purchase the Snapper 82V Cordless 18: chainsaw! I love the fact that I have no oil and gas mixture to contend with. No fumes while saw is operating. No wasted fuel and noise from engine idling. Not loud to operate. I'm retired, and live on a 20 acre mountain retreat in the Poconos of Pennsylvania. I have started an outdoor project, utilizing this new Snapper chainsaw. I am eliminating a small grove of Staghorn Sumac trees. At the rate that I work, it will take me one month, but using this saw for the past two weeks, has been easier to use than any gas-powered chainsaw I have ever used. I also like the fact that in between cuts, I don't need to have the saw engine engaged!

Great Chainsaw

Great chainsaw. Runs an hour or more on a charge. It is nice not having to wear ear plugs using this saw. At a church work day all the guys can by to look at my saw. They were all impressed. Worth the dollars.

it is a good full sized saw with good cutting ability

While this chainsaw is not as fast as a big gas one, it is a good full sized saw with good cutting ability. It is much quieter to use--you can dispense with ear protection. After pulling on starter ropes till you can see spots floating in front of you, it is nice to have a saw that starts up without yanking. It is much easier to store--a good one to have in your vehicle for emergency use.

Power a plenty

Love the power and durability. Has similar cutting power as my gas chain saw, only down side is Battery life could be longer. Still working on the Achilles heal of electric tools ........
But I keep a couple batteries charged and ready .

Powerful electric chain saw.

Powerful electric chain saw. Snapper's 82-volt cordless tools have all worked well for me.