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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Table Top Saws Available Today
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2. WEN 3966 Band Saw

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Great for plumbing and electrical works. The WEN 3966 just an all-around great saw. I use this in my metalworking shop. Definitely recommend the WEN 3966. I've been very happy with the WEN 3966.

The POWERTEC BS900 Band Saw B00367WB0G was really our preferred Table Top Saws. With that said, there are a handful of other really great selections when it comes down to Table Top Saws. We have them for you here.

WEN is yet another top maker of Saws. They make the tool that is next on our lineup. WEN's Band Saws are no exception. It was fantastic to try the 3966. I was very pleased with this tool!

The WEN 3966 Band Saw, at $ is an especially great Saw for the money. If you unsure about our number one pick, I'd check out the WEN 3966 next. It's a premium quality tool at a great price.

Full WEN 3966 Review

WEN 3966 Features

9.5 amp motor creates cuts up to 8.85 inches deep and 13-3/8 inches wide

Uses 100-3/4 inch blades anywhere from 1/8 to 1 inches in size

Spacious 21-1/2 x 15-3/4 inch work table bevels up to 45 degrees

Operates at two speeds of either 1480 or 3280 FPM

Includes a blade tension gauge, a circle cutting guide, a flexible work light, a 3-in-1 dust port, a fence, a 1/2-inch blade, and a miter gauge

Besides the option we already covered, I would definitely evaluate the MBAND1412-175 by Laguna Tools and the 3960 by WEN. Both tool brands are known for their top quality Saws. Each of these distinct tools received exceptional user reviews also. The Laguna Tools boasts a rating of 4.0/5 when compared to 4.1/5 star rating received by the 3960 by WEN.

The Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 gives several very premium features such as Motor: 13/4HP, TEFC, 60Hz. , Voltage: 115V, amperage: 14/7 (115/230V), 6' Cord with NEMA 5-15P plug. The 3960 by WEN however, is hard to beat with 2.8 amp motor rotates the blade up to 2460 feet per minute plus Create cuts up to 3-5/8 inches deep and 9 inches wide.

I can easily suggest either of these Table Top Saws
Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 featured image

3. Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 Band Saw

  • (57 Points)

I don't know what else to say. The Band Saw is quiet, powerful, and fast. Laguna Tools's Band Saw has mounts for a feed table. I discovered this saw from Laguna Tools by accident. Accurate, and solid little saw.

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4. WEN 3960 Band Saw

  • (55 Points)

A must buy if you need to cut pipe Pretty good saw for smaller cuts. It is easy to move around the shop. A great space saver in my home shop. Gives the best bang for the buck.

Honorable Mentions

There are a handful more exceptional Table Top Saws available. Listed below are several to pick from if the choices rated above probably won't meet your needs. It's a fact that there are a number of excellent options out there to buy. The Saws we ranked above are our favorites. Having said that, these Saws shown below offer a number of distinct features on top of the fact that they are each premium Table Top Saws.

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5. Rockwell RK7453 Band Saw

  • (42 Points)

Very impressed with the Band Saw. I use this in my metalworking shop. I haven't had any issues at all. I discovered this saw from Rockwell by accident. The Band Saw has little to no vibrations.

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6. Delta 28-400 Band Saw

  • (33 Points)

All the important bits are metal. I can’t be happier with this Band Saw. Cuts through conduit like butter! So far the Band Saw has worked flawlessly. I do like that it is easy to hold.

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7. Jet 714400K Band Saw

  • (32 Points)

Great for plumbing and electrical works. The Band Saw from Jet seems solid and well built. Portable and very light weight. Overall, I really like the Jet 714400K. Very reliable and just gets it done!

Laguna Tools MBAND144200 featured image

8. Laguna Tools MBAND144200 Band Saw

  • (20 Points)

The Laguna Tools MBAND144200 works well, I have all Laguna Tools tools. This saw cuts through out of the gate. A must buy if you need to cut pipe Cuts straight and is very reliable. Easy to set up, and made with quality materials!

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9. Powermatic PM1500 Band Saw

  • (16 Points)

This machine has power to spare. Great for cutting plumbing pipe. I use the Band Saw more. Portable and very light weight. I use the Powermatic PM1500 on a daily basis.

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10. Jet 414560 Band Saw

  • (9 Points)

Pretty good saw for smaller cuts. Wish I had bought one 10 years ago! All in all, this is the tool for you. Everything went together quite well. I can’t be happier with this Band Saw.