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What Real People Are Saying About The TECCPO TACS01G

Excellent chainsaw once you amend their tensioning directions.

Initially, I was mad at the saw because the tensioner was immediately loosening once the chainsaw was turned on. There didn't appear to be a mechanism to lock the tensioner in the desired tension position. I asked a friend to look at the chainsaw hoping he might see what I was doing wrong. When I demonstrated the issue he told me to continue turning the tensioner clockwise until I felt a snap or click. I did that which appeared to have the chain much tighter than desired. He then told me to continue tightening until I feel it snap or click again. Then he told me to back off the tension by turning the tensioner counterclockwise until the chain was the correct tension. After following these directions the chainsaw operated as I hoped. With these directions, I used the chainsaw the rest of the day without a tension issue. I can also report that the automatic oiler worked flawlessly. It used less than a third of the oil reservoir, but the chain was well lubricated. This chainsaw has plenty of power and cutting speed while cleaning up an 8" oak that broke halfway up during hurricane Florence. I expect to finish the job tomorrow.

The unit works well

After assembly, the unit did not work; I suspected that the safety hand guard was in the stop position, so I pulled it toward me to the run position. It took a lot of force, and I was afraid I would break it. But it did move, and then it worked. The chain tensioner tightens the chain more than I like; I like the chain to have 1/16 inch of slack. So I held the chain at 1/16 inch, and then turned the tensioner knob clockwise to lock it in place. These are not problems, just features that I had to learn. I really like the automatic lubrication system; it works behind the scene so I don't have to concern myself with it.

Excellent Chainsaw!!!
  • lei - September 11, 2018

Its a powerful and nice looking tool.
The chainsaw come with a tool kit, which is very easy to install (takes about 5 Mins).
i used it to cut branches of a tree in my back yard, it does not blunt at all. The chainsaw is not heavy, I don't feel any tired after working with it for 30 minutes.
I would recommend it to all my friends.

easy to handle

Followed the instruction video on the website and installed the chain successfully. Glad to have the electric one. It has the reasonable weight and a mid size woman like me could handle it easily. Cut the dead branches of the trees in my backyard that bugged me for a while and I am glad to have a clean and neat backyard now.

Hey nice for the price. update: works just fine.

This is one of those times when you really benefit from online shopping. Amazon has a variety of electric chainsaws that no box store ever offered. So the saw arrived and some minor assembly required, but I'm glad because it made me familiar with how it works. The instruction manual is only in English, sorry but I appreciate that. So it looks like a great value so far. Later I'll report how it works. Not using it for big logs, so it should be fine.