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2. WEN 3962 Band Saw

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Good product for reasonable price. WEN's Band Saw has mounts for a feed table. A must buy if you need to cut pipe I'm very pleased with what I got. Gives the best bang for the buck.

It's true that the WEN 3921 Scroll Saw B07MC1HLNP was the WEN Saws that we rated at the top. Nevertheless, there were a handful of other really high quality WEN Saws we wanted to showcase here that just barely missed the mark.

WEN is yet another top producer of Saws. They produce the tool next on our lineup. WEN's Band Saws are great as well. It was great to try the 3962. I was very pleased with this tool!

This Band Saw is merely $269.98. That is a fantastic deal for a top quality Saw like the 3962 by WEN. The WEN 3962 is truly a sound alternative. Of you are uncertain about our top choice, I'd advise to select this Saw.

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WEN 3962 Features

Your purchase includes One WEN 10-Inch Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand, 3962 model | Flexible work light, Sturdy fence, Miter gauge and 3-in-1 dust port

Stand dimensions: 13” L x 15” W x 25” H | Table – 14” x 12” (bevels up to 45 degrees) | Tool weight: 73 lbs. | Speed levels – 1520 or 2620 FPM | Blade – 72-inch anywhere from 1/8 to ½ of an inch in size

3.5-amp motor creates cuts up to six inches deep and 9-3/4 inches wide

The WEN Band Saw includes a 3-in-1 Dust Port to fit a variety of dust collection hose sizes (1-3/4, 2-3/4, 4 inches)

Optional stand allows for either floor standing or bench top applications. The easy-to-assemble stand elevates the band saw without sacrificing space on the shop's workbench

Aside from the tools we covered already, I would definitely have a look at the WEN 3959 and the 3602 by WEN. Both these tool manufactures are regarded as two of the best suppliers of premium Saws. both of these two tools enjoy fantastic user reviews also. The WEN boasts a score of 4.3/5 as contrasted against the 4.4/5 star rating received by the WEN 3602.

The WEN 3959 gives some very choice features including 2.5 amp motor rotates the blade up to 2500 feet per minute. The 3602 by WEN by comparison, is hard to beat with Powerful 6-amp motor handles woods up to 4 inches thick and even Adjust the variable speed anywhere from 800 to 3,000 SPM.

I can easily recommend either of these WEN Saws
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3. WEN 3959 Band Saw

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Arrived early in perfect shape. I do like that it is easy to hold. Definitely recommend the WEN 3959. Overall this is an excellent Band Saw. It seems to be a very good Band Saw.

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4. WEN 3602 Jigsaw

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It has more power than you will ever need. This is a great Jigsaw and quite powerful. A powerful ad perfect addition to my tools. I'm pretty impressed with this Jigsaw. Buy this Jigsaw, I swear you will like it alot.

Honorable Mentions

If you are thinking that the WEN Saws mentioned above fail to do it for you, here are several other choices that may suit you better. We found quite a few terrific Saws during the course of our investigation. The Saws we ranked above are the best of the best. Having said that, the Saws listed below offer several unique characteristics and are all top ranked WEN Saws.

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5. WEN 3975T Band Saw

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The WEN 3975T just an all-around great saw. I recommend this for hobbyists. Wish I had bought this years ago. Pretty good saw for smaller cuts. This saw cuts through out of the gate.

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6. WEN 4017 Chainsaw

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You can use any newer WEN 18v battery. The chain did indeed have 57 links. This is when I realized I had messed up. Without it things will get clogged quickly! Most trees we're over 3 feet in diameter.

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7. WEN CT1065 Circular Saw

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I loved the cutting action of the Circular Saw. I can't say enough good things about this Circular Saw. If you work with metals, you should definitely get one. Cutting with this Circular Saw was effortless. So I'm giving this Circular Saw all five stars.

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8. WEN 40417 Chainsaw

  • (100 Points)

Best chainsaw i have had in along time. 5th star will depend on its longevity. Ordered this saw and arrived within a few days. There are some important limitations. I can start easily and I'm very happy so far.

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9. WEN 94396 Band Saw

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WEN's Band Saw was an excellent investment. The WEN 94396 was fairly easy to assemble. The Band Saw has little to no vibrations. I'm very pleased with what I got. This machine has power to spare.

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10. WEN 3966 Band Saw

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Great for plumbing and electrical works. The WEN 3966 just an all-around great saw. I use this in my metalworking shop. Definitely recommend the WEN 3966. I've been very happy with the WEN 3966.