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Good for around the yard.

I’ve owned and used gas chainsaws for about 40 years, mostly in the backwoods to cut down and slice up dead trees for firewood. Occasionally I have used gas saws around my home to cut up felled trees after a windstorm or limb overgrown trees. I bought a 16” WEN Model 4017 out of curiosity: “Are plug-in electric chainsaws useful?” “Could my wife or grown kids use one?” Here are my thoughts after using it just a short while:

If you already own a gas saw, you don’t need one of these. If you don’t, and have limbs or small trees to cut down and slice up within 100 feet of an electric plug, yes, these are useful. Compared to a gas chainsaw, this electric one is simpler to use and maintain. It is also inexpensive. A decent gas chainsaw with a 16” bar will cost you $200 - $300. This chainsaw cost much less.

Initial assembly and chain adjustment was a snap following the printed instructions. As others have noted, you need to purchase “bar oil” or 30-SAE oil as it is not included. This is not a big deal as you would have to buy some soon anyway.

It comes with 16” Oregon brand bar and chain. A 16” bar, in my opinion, is a good length for use around the yard. Replacement chains and bars are available. It also comes with a nice-fitting scabbard to cover the sharp chain when not in use.

This WEN cuts well. Not as fast as my more powerful gas Stihl with its 20” bar, but fast enough and with good control. It is a comfortable weight. Fairly light, nicely balanced. It’s not intimidating. Unlike a gas chainsaw, this WEN is not variable speed; just full speed or off. I did not find this to be a problem. Nor did I find the lack of a chain brake a problem.

A significant and deciding factor in selecting this particular saw was its amperage. It uses 12 amps. Others use less or more. Less amperage means less power – and you need enough to power a 16” bar. However, more than 12 amps requires owning a 12-gauge extension cord. A 12-gauge 100 foot cord costs as much as the chainsaw. Really. This WEN uses 14-gauge for a 100’ cord which costs considerably less than 12-gauge – and is easier to handle.

Another plus: It is quieter than a gas powered saw. Your neighbors will appreciate this. (There is something about a gas chainsaw – the noise and blue smoke – that bothers more than a few people.) You can also impress some neighbors by pointing out its low carbon footprint.

A word of caution: Any chainsaw – electric or gas - is potentially dangerous. Wear tough work gloves and eye protection. Do not wear loose fitting clothing.

Perfect for infrequent use

I use a chainsaw probably once a year for cutting of branches or overgrown shrubs. I wasted 2 brand new gas chainsaws over the last 5 years simply because the fuel lines get clogged with ethanol gas and eventually clog the carburetor as well. Each of those saws cost me over $150 and both ended up in trash. I was doubtful about the ability of this saw to be strong enough to cut an 8" branch but it went through it like butter. Also, because my property has electrical outlets all over the yard, it makes my life simple by having to use only short extensions. If your use for a chainsaw is very infrequently and that power source is available within 100 feet, that's a good choice. It will save you money and frustrations with clogged gas lines.

Saved me $2000

I bought this saw to cut down a 40 foot Poplar.

I called a tree service to cut down a tree and they wanted to charge $1000, I did not pay that. The following spring a second tree started to die. This tree was in a better position so I decided to do it myself. I found a $40 saw and it worked like a charm both cutting it down and cutting it up. Eight hours of work save $1000 not a bad trade off.

This worked in my situation but it may not work in yours and may be dangerous. So please consult a professional if you are in anyway unsure about how to cut down a large tree,

After taking care of the tree I have used it for the rest of the summer to cut firewood. Sometimes when I used it on a lot of wood at once I smell insulation burning. I stop and do something else for a few minutes if that happens.

I easily paid for the saw the first day, the rest has been a bonus.

Update March 2018

One year later I finally cut down same tree the tree service wanted 1000 dollars to remove. I spent a lot of time researching, planning preparing. In the end I was able to get the tree to fall right where I wanted it to land. With only minimal damage to other trees. Now I have a big job cutting the tree into firewood but the most dangerous part is over.

One thing I would say is make sure the chain is getting oil. The oil delivery system sometimes clogs which is not good for the saw. a thorough cleaning should rectify the situation.

I would not recommend this saw if you wanted to use it heavily, but it works fine for occasional yard usage.

Excellent product

This is my third electric chainsaw and by far the best. Very easy to keep in adjustment and cuts like a gas powered saw. Perfect for a yard where any point can be reached with a 100-foot cord. Oiler works fine and does not leak. Oregon chain. Cheap in price but very high quality.

This thing is a beast! I was not expecting ...

This thing is a beast! I was not expecting a lot from an electric chain saw but after I got sick of fighting with my gas chainsaw, I decided to try this. I took down two holly bushes that were 8 inches thick at the base without any difficulty. It is a powerful little saw and I am sure I will find a lot more uses for it.

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2. WEN 40417 Chainsaw

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The WEN 4017 was definitely our preferred WEN Saws. That being said, there are a few other fantastic selections when it comes down to WEN Saws. We have them for you here.

WEN is an additional top maker of Saws. They build the tool next on our lineup. WEN's Chainsaws are one of their leading tools. I was ready to have a go at the model 40417 and I was not let down!

This Chainsaw is only $152.84. That is an exceptional deal for a premium Saw like the 40417 by WEN. If you uncertain about our number one choice, I'd look into the WEN 40417 next. It's a first class tool at a great price.

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WEN 40417 Features

Ditch the gasoline, extension cords and maintenance required with alternative chainsaws

Brushless motor maximizes both the torque and the lifespan of the unit

16-inch Oregon chain runs at speeds of up to 49 feet per second

Included 40-Volt 4Ah fade-free lithium-ion battery and charger compatible with the entire WEN 40V Max Series

Backed by a two-year warranty