Top 10 Best Worm Drive Saws

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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Worm Drive Saws Available Today
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2. DEWALT DCS577X1 Circular Saw

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Made with excellent design and build quality. It's light weight and easy to operate. I feel totally justified in my purchase. This is my go-to Circular Saw on the job. Good cut quality, great reputation.

The SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 Circular Saw B00B7EUS46 was definitely our preferred Worm Drive Saws. With that said, there are a number of other fantastic options when it comes to Worm Drive Saws. We have a breakdown of them here.

DEWALT is yet another top manufacturer of Saws. They produce the tool next on our list. DEWALT's Circular Saws are no exception. It was great to try the DCS577X1. I was very happy using this tool!

The model DCS577X1 Circular Saw by DEWALT, at $397.99 is a particularly excellent Saw for the price. The DEWALT DCS577X1 is truly a sound alternative. Of you are uncertain about our top pick, I'd suggest you select this Saw.

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DEWALT DCS577X1 Features

High-grade magnesium shoe and an efficient Brushless motor for smooth, accurate cuts and long runtime

Electronic brake which helps stop the blade after the trigger is released

Bevel capacity of 53° with stops at 45° and 22.5°

Integrated dust blower allows the user to clear its line of sight while cutting

Rafter hook that allows users to hang their tool for convenience

Apart from the tools we already covered, I would definitely take a look at the PR-8000 by Prazi USA and the SKILSAW SPT70WT-01. Both tool brands are well known for their premium Saws. Both tools are top rated also. Users awarded the Prazi USA an rating on average of 4.0/5 stars. Contrast that to the SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 that boasts an average score of 4.0/5 stars.

The Prazi USA PR-8000 offers a few really choice features including Cut wooden beams and panels up to 18 inches thick with this beam cutter attachment for your circular saw. The SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 however, is very competitive with First ever brass-geared Worm Drive table saw for maximum power and torque. and even 15 Amp solid construction Dual-Field motor for increased cutting speed and extended motor life.

Either of these couple selections make a terrific decision for someone whose in the market for Worm Drive Saws
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3. Prazi USA PR-8000 Circular Saw

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This Circular Saw fits the bill. The adjustments are accurate and easy. Made with excellent design and build quality. The Circular Saw is very quiet and doesn't overheat. It's powerful, all right.

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4. SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 Table Saw

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The customer support at SKILSAW was great. Granted I had a SKILSAW 744 before so not a fair comparison. It is however, very practical for a small shop like mine. It does not have a dust problem. Miter Gauge - The miter gauge is an absolute joke.

Honorable Mentions

If you are thinking that the Worm Drive Saws we rated above don't meet your needs, here are a variety of additional selections that may likely suit you better. It's a fact that there are a plenty of terrific options out there to choose. The Saws we rated above are the best of the best. Having said that, these Saws below offer several unique characteristics on top of the fact that they are all highly rated Worm Drive Saws.

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5. SKILSAW SPT77W-01 Circular Saw

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I was surprised by how easy to use this Circular Saw is. Great Circular Saw does a really good job. I loved the cutting action of the Circular Saw. I have to say I am very happy with the SKILSAW SPT77W-01. Very straight and splinter free cuts.

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6. SKILSAW SPT70V-11 Circular Saw

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The batteries of the SKILSAW SPT70V-11 are light and powerful. The Circular Saw cut through concrete effortlessly. I am definitely happy with the purchase. A great addition to my tools collection. Until now, I've had a great experience with the SKILSAW SPT70V-11.

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7. Bosch CSW41 Circular Saw

  • (101 Points)

Oh my goodness, what an excellent Circular Saw! It makes such glassy-clean perfect cuts. I frequently use it with one hand only. The Circular Saw is affordable for its high quality. A great Circular Saw for DIYers.

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8. DEWALT DWS535B Circular Saw

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This feature cut through a think chuck of wood with ease. It took me less than 5 minutes to set it up. I use the Circular Saw almost every day. Until now, I've had a great experience with the DEWALT DWS535B. I am thankful I can get a Circular Saw from DEWALT at a reasonable price.

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9. SKILSAW SPT70WM-01 Circular Saw

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The price was too good to pass up that. It's a really nice Circular Saw from SKILSAW. This SKILSAW SPT70WM-01 is powerful and so handy! It's light weight and easy to operate. This is my first Circular Saw purchase, and I'm happy.

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10. SKILSAW SPT78W-01 Circular Saw

  • (64 Points)

I have to say I am very happy with the SKILSAW SPT78W-01. This is an awesome Circular Saw from SKILSAW at a great price. I was surprised by how easy to use this Circular Saw is. The SKILSAW SPT78W-01 is a sturdy piece of hardware. It has changed the way I cut wood.