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2. WORX WX531L Circular Saw

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This is an awesome Circular Saw from WORX at a great price. I do a lot of wood projects and crafts. The Circular Saw is very quiet and doesn't overheat. One pass with the WORX WX531L and we're done! Oh my goodness, what an excellent Circular Saw!

The Reciprocating Saw B07Z8P7H6Z was undoubtedly our preferred WORX Saws. That being said, there were several other very premium WORX Saws we wanted to show you here that only just fell short.

WORX is an additional leading manufacturer of Saws. They produce the tool that is next on our rundown. WORX's Circular Saws are great as well. It was terrific to try out the WX531L. I was very satisfied with this tool!

This Circular Saw is only $. That is an exceptional deal for a superior Saw like the WX531L by WORX. The WORX WX531L is definitely a solid alternative. Of you are unsure about our top choice, I'd advise to select this Saw.

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WORX WX531L Features

[SLIM BODY DESIGN] The new slim design of this saw is easy to grip and makes longer projects more comfortable

[BRUSHLESS MOTOR] This saw features a brushless motor, which means longer runtime, power, and motor life

[1-1/2” CUTTING DEPTH] Even with the slim design of this tool, it still packs a 1-1/2” cutting depth [6900/MIN NO-LOAD SPEED] Delivers smooth, quick cuts

[BEVEL CUTTING] 45 degree angle bevel cutting adjustment [LED LIGHT] Integrated LED light illuminates your working area for better visibility

[DO IT ALL WITH THE SAME BATTERY] The included 20V Power Share rechargeable battery can be used on any of the 20V power or garden tools on the WORX Power Share platform—You don’t need to buy a new battery every time you buy a new rechargeable power tool

The WORX WG303.1 and the WX550L.9 by WORX are worthy of taking a look at also. Both tool manufacturers are known for their high quality Saws. Both of these two options are rated highly also. The WG303.1 advertises a rating of 3.9/5 as contrasted against the 4.6/5 star rating given to the WORX WX550L.9.

The WORX WG303.1 comes with a couple of features you might not experience on other similar Chainsaws. One example is 14.5 Amp motor output delivers a cutting performance similar to gas chainsaws for homeowners, farmers, and ranchers. The WORX WX550L.9 by comparison, is tough to beat offering [2 SAWS IN 1] Pivoting, push-button head turns your jigsaw into a reciprocating saw and back again in just seconds plus [ORBITAL CUTTING] The slight circular motion is more efficient for most materials than the traditional back and forth stroke. Get the job done quicker, with less strain on your hands.

Each of these two options make an exceptional decision if you're in the market for WORX Saws
WORX WG303.1 featured image

3. WORX WG303.1 Chainsaw

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You can use any newer WORX 18v battery. The clutch mechanism makes it incredibly safe. It also cuts some surprisingly large size logs. This is a well-built Heavy Duty corded chainsaw. Com and happy pleased with the purchase.

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4. WORX WX550L.9 Reciprocating Saw

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I never liked Reciprocating Saws, until I bought this one. It has features I'm finding more and more useful. The Reciprocating Saw seems to be in great shape. Great tool, works better than my past Reciprocating Saws. I'm very pleased, very low energy consumption too.

Honorable Mentions

If you are thinking that the WORX Saws we rated above fail to do it for you, we have a handful of other choices that may be a more suitable match. There really are a plenty of great choices available to buy. Through meticulous research and testing, the tools mentioned above were our preferred Saws. Having said that, the Saws shown below deliver some special features on top of the fact that they are each top ranked WORX Saws.

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5. WORX WG3041 Chainsaw

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No gasoline storage issues, no smells. I will add some pictures when cutting big wood. Also unwieldy when trying to thin out scrub oak. Chain is easy to put on and tighten. You must use Motor oil, not chain oil.

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6. WORX WG308 Chainsaw

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A simple procedure covered in the manual. This is my third WORX purchase. Even when fully extended the pole isn't flimsy. I end up oiling the chain manually. But so far does a good job for small jobs!

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7. WORX WG309 Chainsaw

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It is faster than a gas saw for this. 5th star will depend on its longevity. But see above-can't give 10 year review on this. Well balanced, even with the 4 amp battery. So far absolutely no complaints Great product.

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8. WORX WG320 Chainsaw

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A simple procedure covered in the manual. AND the chain adjustment requires no tools. I found the starting instructions superfluous. I've included photos of what I took down. Also, I dont like how you tighten the chain.

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9. WORX WG307 Chainsaw

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Puts just the right amount of oil on the bar. So far, I have cut several face cords of wood. I am blown away on the performance of this saw. Lasts 3 - 4 hrs and have used it 5 times so far. The first job was a trash palm tree.

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10. WORX WG322 Chainsaw

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A simple procedure covered in the manual. This is probably because the motor gets too hot. My two other new chain saws do the same thing. Starts easily every time hot or cold. So far absolutely no complaints Great product.