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2. XtremepowerUS 52cc 2 Stroke Chainsaw

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You can use any newer XtremepowerUS 18v battery. This little guy was exactly what I needed. I then cut some major limbs off a birch tree. I used the battery from my XtremepowerUS weedeater. Both Saws a NOT TO CUT YOUR FIREWOOD!

The XtremepowerUS 82100-XP was definitely our preferred XtremepowerUS Saws. That being said, there were a range of other very high quality XtremepowerUS Saws worth showcasing here that barely missed first place.

XtremepowerUS is yet another top maker of Saws. They build the tool that is next on our list. XtremepowerUS's Chainsaws are great as well. It was great to try out the 52cc 2 Stroke. I was very happy using this tool!

This Chainsaw is just $135.95. That is a terrific deal for a quality Saw like the 52cc 2 Stroke by XtremepowerUS. The XtremepowerUS 52cc 2 Stroke is definitely a solid option. Of you are unsure about our number one pick, I'd advise to go with this Saw.

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XtremepowerUS 52cc 2 Stroke Features

2-Stroke Engine - 52cc engine with two stokes is perfect for cutting jobs around garden or farm; Quick Release - Quick release air filter & Automatic chain oilier keeps the chainsaw in good working condition

Engine Clean Air-Intake System - Efficiently prevent the dust from entering into the engine can be remove easily for cleaning; engine for lower emissions, increased power & reduced fuel consumption

Starting System & Quick Stopping - Equipped with assisted Starting System & Quick Stopping Control for increased user safety

Anti-Vibration - Anti kick back chain and effective anti-vibration design

Durable Chainsaw - The chainsaw will make tasks like tree pruning, clearing land, preparing firewood or cleaning up after a storm easier; Gas Chain Saw will make tasks like tree pruning, clearing land, preparing firewood or cleaning up after a storm easier; EPA APPROVED

The 50118 by XtremepowerUS and the 50115 by XtremepowerUS are worth looking into as well. Both these tool manufactures are regarded as two of the premier makers of superior Saws. Both tools are highly rated also. The 50118 advertises a user rating of 4.0/5 when contrasted against the 4.3/5 star rating for the XtremepowerUS 50115.

The XtremepowerUS 50118 gives a few truly premium features such as The circular saw is lightweight and powerful machine with superior power-to-weight ratio with exceptionally low vibrations mean less strain and maximized productivity. The 50115 by XtremepowerUS by comparison, is very competitive featuring Easy and quick to install and disassemble by rotating the handle without any auxiliary tools. The laser guide ensures a professional and precise cutting line, convenient for cutting. plus Powerful motor to deliver full-size performance at 3,500 rpm, making cut wood, plastics, , PVC pipe, plaster board, tile with ease. 6 Blades: (2) x 24T for wood cuts / (2) x 60T for wood and soft metal cuts / (2) x Grit diamond blade for tile cuts, extending the applications of the compact circular saw.

I can easily suggest both of these XtremepowerUS Saws
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3. XtremepowerUS 50118 Circular Saw

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Good cut quality, great reputation. I've always had great luck with XtremepowerUS! Easy to use, light weight and powerful. I have no regrets with this purchase. Great addition to my power tool collection.

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4. XtremepowerUS 50115 Circular Saw

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I would absolutely recommend this Circular Saw. XtremepowerUS's Circular Saw is lighter and takes up less room than other brands. It's very powerful and not noisy. The XtremepowerUS 50115 is a sturdy piece of hardware. I can personally tell you that the XtremepowerUS 50115 is worth your money.