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You'll NEVER Want to Touch a Gas-Powered Chain Saw Again !!

I you could marry a chain saw I'd propose to this thing right now. I've only had one day of use thus far, but this is a superbly designed product that works absolutely as advertised and greatly exceeded all of my expectations. This product is transformational. This battery chain saw is to chainsaws generally what digital photography was to the darkroom and the aluminum truck frame is to pickup trucks. After just a few hours of use today I know that there will NEVER be a reason for me every again to pick up a gas powered chain saw and fuss with a clogged carb, mixing fuel, picky engine adjustments, cleaning the plug, and pulling forever without a successful start. This Zombi is a load and go product that is there immediately when you need it, but which waits patiently and quietly for you until you need it again.

I did an initial two hour battery charge, poured in some chain oil, and then attacked trees and branches that had been intimidating me for several years. Over a three hour period I cut off branches, downed one tree, cleared some shrub stumps, and cut many 12 inch diameter pieces of very hard wood to fireplace lengths. The Zombi remained powerful even at the end of the three hours. If you're worried that using a battery chain saw will compromise your masculinity, forget about it. This thing is absolutely as powerful as a conventionally powered saw, is very easy to handle, and deploys chain oil sparingly and automatically without the slightest leak. Its a real honest to gosh power tool. (For size comparison, see the photo with the Zombi and my old, inoperative gas powered chain saw. The Zombi is not a toy.) The battery outlasted me. When I finally gave up, exhausted, the digital LED display on the battery pack still showed 15% charge, at which time it was still delivering total full torque.

I have the 16 inch bar, 4 amp-hour version with the 58 volt battery. The saw, charger, and battery are all sold together and seem to me to be a tremendous value for the price. The product is out of the box and into field service within a couple of minutes after battery charge. Congratulations to the gals and guys at The Great States Corporation, Shelbyville, Indiana for a great piece of industrial design. The product looks and feels very rugged, and the design beautifully balances simplicity and functionality.

I will only use this product in spurts, with months of dormancy in between uses when I am at my other house, so time will tell about the long term durability of the battery and charging system, but I believe that if you carefully follow the directions for proper care of lithium batteries that all will be fine.

Outstanding! Highly recommended. GREAT SERVICE!!!

I am not a proffessional, but live on a 10 acre farm that requires I have a chainsaw. Besides the Zombi, I also own a Stihl 290 w 16” bar. With a sharp chain both saws perform almost similiarly, slicing through wood at a satisfactory pace.

I just felled a tree with the Zombi, then cut it up for easier transport with my tractor and it did such an excellent job, that this is the saw I will reach for first. It feels solid but if it falls apart on me within one or two years, Ill buy a Zombi every year. Get it, read the instructions, check the chain slack and oil level religiously and adjust, and you will never have problems. Get this saw, you wont regret it. Ive included photos of what I took down. A picture is worth a thousand words.

UPDATE: Saw motor gave out in a puff of smoke today after a little over 6 months of use while cutting down another tree. Although I have a Stihl and a Murray chainsaw, the Zombie had easily become my goto. I feel sorry I have to go back to gas while I replace my saw. I will reach out to the manufacturer to see if there is something they can do. I really loved this saw.

UPDATE: I contacted the manufacturer, Great States Corporation, American Lawnmower Company and spoke to “Steven” who immediately checked on my warranty and found it was still active. Steven walked me through troubleshooting the saw and when it failed to work, took my word the saw was not working and immediately issued a replacement order. I received a link via email to where I uploaded a copy of my purchase invoice almost immediately after my phone call and 5 days later UPS delivered a brand new Zombie.

I cannot be happier. This saw is not only an outstanding product, but this is an outstanding company manned by knowledgeable professionals like Steven. This product is highly recommended and doubly so because of the fantastic service provided by this company.

Best chainsaw I have owned
  • lew - December 1, 2017

I have had many gas saws, went to lithium about 4 years ago and will never go back. I use this saw almost every day for clearing invasive bush honeysuckle from my own property, plus occasionally sawing downed or dead limbs. This is my 4th electric chain saw and is by far the best I have owned. Has plenty of power and so far I haven't even come close to running down the battery in one to two hour cutting sessions. Saw does not stop in middle of a long cut like my other electric saws. Cuts smooth and fast, maybe half as fast as my gas saws, which is pretty good given the quiet convenience of lithium power. The control button is variable speed, which is important to know because if you don't pull it all the way in you won't get full power. Automatic oiler works great but leaks a little like every other saw I have owned. I keep it in a large plastic bucket to catch any leakage. Not that it matters much, but this Zombi saw also looks as good in real life as it does in the pictures.

This is no toy

Exceeded my expectations. I live on 18 acres of treed lot and have to cleanup a lot of trees that are 24 inch in diameter. I was shocked at how well this thing works and the battery lasts a good hour or more depending on how big the trees are. Practically no maintenance either. I'm retiring my gas powered chainsaw for this one as I no longer see a reason to use both. Quality seems excellent. I'll come back and post more if I have any breakdowns.

charge it and add oil and you are good to go

Are you a lumberjack? If so, go but a Stihl. Do you need to cut a couple of branches or an occasional tree? This is prefect! Keep it sharp, charge it and add oil and you are good to go. I didn't expect much when I got this thing, but I was amazed. Had a few trees down after a storm, and this thing took care of my mess on one charge. I've used it on s couple of camping trips for firewood and both times it has stayed strong through the entire weekend. Hold a charge for hours of work. I'm still amazed by this thing!