Top 9 Best Makita Shears & Nibblers

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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Makita Shears & Nibblers Available Today
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2. Makita JS8000 Shear

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It is wonderful for going over ribbed steel. It's Makita what else needs to be said. The shears less than 15 seconds. Hope to get a lot of use out of it. The shears less than 15 seconds.

It's true that the Makita JN1601 Nibbler B000TKRLS0 was the Makita Shears & Nibblers that we graded at the top. Having said that, there were a range of other very premium quality Makita Shears & Nibblers worth showcasing here that only just fell short.

Next on our list is manufactured by Makita which is a very credible tool brand. Makita's Shears are among their leading tools. It was terrific to test the JS8000. I was very pleased with this tool!

The Makita JS8000 Shear, at $236.09 is an especially great Shears & Nibbler for the money. If you uncertain about our number one pick, I'd check out the Makita JS8000 next. It's a first class tool at a terrific price.

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Makita JS8000 Features

Single-piece cutting head is machined from precisely milled aluminum to ensure blades cut straight

Solid steel blades cut clean, straight lines with a maximum cutting capacity up to 5/16"

Protected drive spindle withstands heavy torque loads from powerful 6.5 amp motor

Large variable speed trigger with lock-on button for operator convenience

Ergonomically designed rubberized "pistol grip" For increased comfort

Cuts fiber cement quickly while producing less dust

Single-piece cutting head is machined from precisely milled aluminum to ensure blades cut straight

Aside from the selections we reviewed above, I would check out the XNJ01Z by Makita and the JS1602 by Makita. Both Makita and Makita are well known for their premium Shears & Nibblers. Both of these two options are rated highly also. Real customers gave the Makita an average rating of 4.7/5 stars. Compare that to the JS1602 which holds an average rating of 4.4/5 stars.

The XNJ01Z by Makita has a couple of features you wont get on other similar Nibblers. One example is Makita-built motor delivers 1, 900 SPM for fast and smooth cutting. The Makita JS1602 by comparison, is tough to beat offering Powerful 3.3 AMP motor delivers 4,000 SPM for the most demanding applications and even Smaller circumference barrel grip (only 2-1/4"") for added comfort.

Either of these couple selections are an outstanding option for someone whose in the market for Makita Shears & Nibblers
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3. Makita XNJ01Z Nibbler

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The Makita XNJ01Z is above the typical Makita quality. The harder you push, the smoother the cut! Have a couple tools from Makita, and I like them! I wish I had this tool years ago. I did a metal roof with it.

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4. Makita JS1602 Shear

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Job was done quickly, easily and accurately. The shears less than 15 seconds. I got to cut some 14ga steel. This tool is such a gift. Cuts clean and makes nice turns.

Honorable Mentions

If the Makita Shears & Nibblers we rated above don't do it for you, here are a variety of other options that may offer a better match. We found several fantastic Shears & Nibblers throughout our review. The Shears & Nibblers we ranked above are our favorites. That doesn't mean there aren't several more terrific Makita Shears & Nibblers.

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5. Makita XSJ02Z Shear

  • (34 Points)

Overall, very happy with this Shear! Has plenty of power for my needs. The Makita XSJ02Z is above the typical Makita quality. This Shear works great on 18 gauge. Other than that it's a great Shear.

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6. Makita XSJ01Z Shear

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It's Makita what else needs to be said. This is a very high quality tool. Great tool, just as described. Great tool, just as described. Gonna help great with my next project.

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7. Makita JN3201 Nibbler

  • (30 Points)

It's Makita what else needs to be said. I use the heck out of this thing. Very impressive tool, lots of power. It is a great tool for what I do! WORKS JUST LIKE IT'S SUPPOSED TO.

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8. Makita JS3201 Shear

  • (29 Points)

I love everything about the Makita JS3201. It's Makita what else needs to be said. A great tool and worth every penny. The Makita JS3201 is very well made and powerful. It's well worth every dollar.

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9. Makita JS1300 Shear

  • (7 Points)

This is so much faster and safer than my old Shear. It cuts stainless steel like butter. Super happy with my new Shear. For the money, it is a solid buy. Recommended it over using metal scissors.