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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Malco Shears & Nibblers Available Today
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2. Malco TSS1 Shear

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The Malco TSS1 is very well made and powerful. I got to cut some 14ga steel. It's well worth every dollar. Perfect for cutting shapes and circles. It cuts stainless steel like butter.

The truth is that the Malco TCSM Shear B00IMJDNKK was the Malco Shears & Nibblers that we ranked most highly. Having said that, there were several other very premium quality Malco Shears & Nibblers we wanted to showcase here that just barely fell short.

Next up is manufactured by Malco known to be a very trusted tool manufacturer. Malco's Shears are also top quality. I was excited to try out the model TSS1 and I was not disappointed!

The model TSS1 Shear by Malco, at $199.05 is an especially great Shears & Nibbler for the price. If you unsure about our number one choice, I'd check out the Malco TSS1 next. It's a top quality tool at a terrific price.

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Malco TSS1 Features

Lightweight shear head for easy one-hand control

Can cut multiple layers of shingles up to 1/2-inch thick

Drill clamp included for one-hand operation

Precise square cuts and circles

The TSS1A by Malco and the TSS1C EV by Malco are worthy of a look also. Both Malco and Malco are regarded as two of the best suppliers of superior Shears & Nibblers. Both of these two options are highly rated also. Users gave the TSS1A an score on average of 3.8/5 stars. Compare that to the TSS1C EV which holds an average score of 5.0/5 stars.

The TSS1A by Malco comes with several features you wont experience on other similar Shears. One example is The Turboshear is rated to cut up to 1/2" (13mm) of asphalt shingles. The TSS1C EV by Malco however, is tough to beat featuring Precise square cuts and circles and even Wide jaw opening, lateral blade adjustment.

I can easily recommend either of these Malco Shears & Nibblers
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3. Malco TSS1A Shear

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Cuts great when turning left and right. Other than that it's a great Shear. The shears less than 15 seconds. Plan to design projects around this tool. Cuts clean, square and bur free.

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4. Malco TSS1C EV Shear

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Super happy with my new Shear. The Malco TSS1C EV is very well made and powerful. I wish I had this tool years ago. Other than that it's a great Shear. I was amazed how fast this thing cuts.

Honorable Mentions

If you are thinking that the Malco Shears & Nibblers we rated above don't meet your needs, we have a handful of alternative options that might suit you better. We found several superb Shears & Nibblers during the course of our analysis. Through in depth study and testing, the choices mentioned above are our preferred Shears & Nibblers. That being said, these Shears & Nibblers listed below deliver some unique characteristics and are all top ranked Malco Shears & Nibblers.

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5. Malco DHT1 Shear

  • (3 Points)

Perfect for cutting shapes and circles. Makes for a professional finish. I have used this Shear many times. Malco quality always impresses! The Malco DHT1 is very well made and powerful.

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6. Malco TSV1A Shear

  • (2 Points)

Great tool, just as described. Metal is left smooth instead of rough. I used it in our restoration shop. Cuts over the steel ribs with ease. Gonna help great with my next project.

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7. Malco TSF2A Shear

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This is so much faster and safer than my old Shear. This is a very high quality tool. Cuts 18 gauge stainless like cake. I use the heck out of this thing. Nothing works better than Malco.