Top 10 Best Metal Shears & Nibblers

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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Metal Shears & Nibblers Available Today
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2. Rich Power Industries GES40 Shear

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Works good for sheet metal as well. Cuts over the steel ribs with ease. A great tool and worth every penny. Wish I would have bought these years ago. Recommended it over using metal scissors.

The fact is that the Dewalt DWASHRIR Shear B01BSAWORC was the Metal Shears & Nibblers that we ranked at the top. However, there were a handful of other truly high quality Metal Shears & Nibblers worth showcasing here that just barely missed the mark.

Next on our list is made by Rich Power Industries which is a very highly regarded tool supplier. Rich Power Industries's Shears are among their premier tools. I was eager to try the model GES40 and I was not disappointed!

The model GES40 Shear by Rich Power Industries, at $53.79 is a particularly exceptional Shears & Nibbler for the price. The Rich Power Industries GES40 is definitely a solid option. Of you are uncertain about our top selection, I'd advise to select this Shears & Nibbler.

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Rich Power Industries GES40 Features

Quickly cuts metal roofing, flashing, and other sheet metal up to 14 gauge | Compare the Genesis metal shear to other drill attachment Shears that can only cut 20 gauge Sheet metal!

Powerful 4.0 amp motor

360° swiveling head for cutting control and convenience |cut circles and curves with the Genesis electric metal shear

Variable speed (0-2500) SPM for versatility in cutting a variety of materials | cuts through sheet metal up to 14 gauge in thickness!

Three blade cutting system reduces metal deformation | experience smooth cuts EVERYTIME!

Quickly Cuts Metal Roofing, Flashing, and other Sheet Metal up to 14 Gauge

Powerful 4.0 Amp Motor

360° Swiveling Head for Cutting Control and Convenience

The WEN 3650 and the TCSM by Malco are worth a look also. Both WEN and Malco are known for their premium quality Shears & Nibblers. both of these unique options enjoy great buyer reviews also. Users gave the WEN an average score of 4.5/5 stars. Compare that to the TCSM that holds an average score of 4.5/5 stars.

The 3650 by WEN offers several truly choice features like Pressure sensitive trigger cuts anywhere from 0 to 2500 strokes per minute. The Malco TCSM however, is very competitive with Attaches to a drill or impact driver you already own plus Make fast cross-cuts, lengthwise trim cuts in large or small metal corrugated patterns.

Each of these two tools make a great choice for someone whose shopping for Metal Shears & Nibblers
WEN 3650 featured image

3. WEN 3650 Shear

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I use the heck out of this thing. This is a very high quality tool. Cuts 18 gauge stainless like cake. The WEN 3650 is very well made and powerful. It's WEN what else needs to be said.

Malco TCSM featured image

4. Malco TCSM Shear

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By far the easiest metal tool to cut curves. Recommended it over using metal scissors. Thick or thin metal is no different. Cuts clean, square and bur free. Smooth, powerful, accurate cutting.

Honorable Mentions

If you are thinking that the Metal Shears & Nibblers above don't do it for you, we rated a variety of additional selections that may likely fit you better. We uncovered a number of excellent choices on the market to choose. The Shears & Nibblers we ranked above are our favorites. That being said, these Shears & Nibblers shown below deliver a number of distinct characteristics and are all highly rated Metal Shears & Nibblers.

Milwaukee 2470-20 featured image

5. Milwaukee 2470-20 Shear

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I love the Milwaukee 2470-20. A great value for the price. Great tool, just as described. A great value for the price. Also works well in cutting vinyl.

Milwaukee 2470-21 featured image

6. Milwaukee 2470-21 Shear

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Makes for a professional finish. The harder you push, the smoother the cut! Cuts over the steel ribs with ease. Cuts clean and makes nice turns. Cuts clean, square and bur free.

Sotran Products Depot Inc SEMS5A featured image

7. Sotran Products Depot Inc SEMS5A Shear

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I'd recommend these to any hobbyist. This Shear works great on 18 gauge. I'd recommend these to any hobbyist. The Sotran Products Depot Inc SEMS5A did not disappoint me. Super happy with my new Shear.

DEWALT DW890 featured image

8. DEWALT DW890 Shear

  • (111 Points)

This works great on any gauge steel! The DEWALT DW890 is above the typical DEWALT quality. I love the DEWALT DW890. Very impressive tool, lots of power. I'd recommend these to any hobbyist.

DEWALT DCS491B featured image

9. DEWALT DCS491B Shear

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I'd recommend these to any hobbyist. Time saver in my industry. I should have bought this years ago. Tried it shortly after receiving it. Built for professionals and hobbyists.

SLTL4 793750 featured image

10. SLTL4 793750 Shear

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It is wonderful for going over ribbed steel. I was extremely pleased with it. This is a very heavy duty tool. Very nice quality, and good price. The SLTL4 793750 did not disappoint me.