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2. Ridgerock Tools Inc. 30089A Shear

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This tool is such a gift. Also works well in cutting vinyl. I am very impressed with product. It eats 16 gauge sheets like butter. Gonna help great with my next project.

The Ridgerock Tools Inc. 30067A Nibbler B002GQ8OJK was our preferred Ridgerock Tools Inc. Shears & Nibblers. That being said, there are several other fantastic options when it comes to Ridgerock Tools Inc. Shears & Nibblers. We have a breakdown of them here.

The next in our tool break down is manufactured by Ridgerock Tools Inc. which is a very highly regarded tool supplier. Ridgerock Tools Inc.'s Shears are among their premier products. I was ready to have a go at the model 30089A and I was not let down!

This Shear is merely $. That is an exceptional deal for a high quality Shears & Nibbler like the 30089A by Ridgerock Tools Inc.. The Ridgerock Tools Inc. 30089A is truly a sound alternative. Of you are unsure about our top selection, I would select this Shears & Nibbler.

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Ridgerock Tools Inc. 30089A Features

Powerful, handheld metal cutting shear cuts through aluminum- 1.6mm and steel- 1.2mm)

Durable tool is solidly constructed for portability and can cut up to 16 gauge steel with ease

Ergonomically designed, palm lever grip provides extra control and allows you precise results

Connects easily to an air compressor with 3/8" hose size and 1/4" NPT inlet with fast free speed of 2600 RPM

Versatile feature is ideal for work in auto body repair, home improvement, cutting into sheet metals, rubber and plastics