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2. Wal front Walfront8biqacpg40 Shear

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For the price, it's a great tool. It turns very easily. A great tool and worth every penny. Makes short work of sheet metal. I was amazed how fast this thing cuts.

The Wal front Walfronth23xga7g8r Nibbler B07M64X2VJ was definitely our number one Wal front Shears & Nibblers. That doesn't mean there aren't a few other really great options when it comes down to Wal front Shears & Nibblers. We have a breakdown of them here.

The next in our tool break down is manufactured by Wal front known to be a very trusted tool manufacturer. Wal front's Shears are also top quality. I was excited to try out the model Walfront8biqacpg40 and I was not let down!

This Shear is merely $52.89. That is a fantastic deal for a high quality Shears & Nibbler like the Walfront8biqacpg40 by Wal front. If you not sure about our top choice, I'd check out the Wal front Walfront8biqacpg40 next. It's a first class tool at a good price.

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Wal front Walfront8biqacpg40 Features

☆POWERFUL: The powerful handheld pneumatic metal cutting shear cuts through aluminum (1.6mm) and steel (1mm).

☆HARD CUTTING EDGE: With hard cutting edge treatment, this metal cutting tool is sharp, efficient and durable.

☆COMPACT DESIGN: Adopted of new compact design with engineered plastic sleeve, the cutter is great and has lots of power.

☆LONG SREVICE LIFE: This air shear has Long service life tool with heavy duty cutting blades.

☆CUTTING METALS: The pneumatic shear is ideal for cutting ferrous and non ferrous sheet metals,rubber and plastics without deformation of edges and can cut angles, squares, circles with ease.