Top 10 Best Tile & Masonry Saws Under $1000

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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Tile & Masonry Saws Under $1000 Available Today
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2. Chervon- SKIL 3550-02 Tile & Masonry Saw

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If you're looking for a low-vibration saw, this is it. This is the best tool I own for my projects. Once you start a clean cut it stays pretty good. It’s not as heavy as my old one but more powerful. Its various features are helpful.

The Chervon- SKIL 3540-02 Tile & Masonry Saw B003HIWR08 was definitely our number one Tile & Masonry Saws Under $1000. However, there were a range of other very premium Tile & Masonry Saws Under $1000 we wanted to show you here that barely missed first place.

Next up is made by Chervon- SKIL known to be a very trusted tool brand. Chervon- SKIL's Tile & Masonry Saws are one of their leading offerings. I was eager to try the model 3550-02 and I was not let down!

The model 3550-02 Tile & Masonry Saw by Chervon- SKIL, at $145.42 is a particularly excellent Tile & Masonry Saw for the money. The Chervon- SKIL 3550-02 is truly a sound option. Of you are unsure about our top selection, I would pick this Tile & Masonry Saw.

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Chervon- SKIL 3550-02 Features

Hydro Lock Water Containment System keeps water contained near the blade and reduce clean-up time

Sliding Side Extension provides support for tiles up to 18 x 18-inch

Aluminum table top is a durable, rust-resistant surface

Adjustable rip fence with miter gauge for accurate straight and miter cuts

Bevel cuts tile at 0, 22.5 and 45 degrees, giving flexibility for different cut types

The D24000S by DEWALT and the PCE980 by PORTER-CABLE are well worth a look as well. Both DEWALT and PORTER-CABLE are known for their high quality Tile & Masonry Saws. Both of these two options are rated highly also. Real customers gave the DEWALT an average score of 4.6/5 stars. You can liken that to the PCE980 which boasts an average rating of 4.4/5 stars.

The D24000S by DEWALT offers a few very premium features such as Your purchase includes One Dewalt 10-Inch Wet Tile Saw, Wet Tile Saw Stand, 10-Inch XP4 Porcelain Tile Blade, Submersible Pump, Water Pan, Side Water Tray, Rear Water Tray, Cutting Cart Side Extension, Angle/Rip Guide, Blade Wrench & Hex Wrench. The PORTER-CABLE PCE980 however, is hard to beat offering Onboard miter square to help line up miter cuts and repeatable rip cuts plus Roll cage for easy carrying and protection of the cutting cart.

Each of these couple choices make an exceptional decision for someone whose in the market for Tile & Masonry Saws Under $1000
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3. DEWALT D24000S Tile & Masonry Saw

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Gets the job done, even after a few months. The local supply house could not touch this deal! The Tile & Masonry Saw itself is well-balanced and not too heavy. Metal and wood - this saw does the job very easily. It’s not as heavy as my old one but more powerful.

PORTER-CABLE PCE980 featured image

4. PORTER-CABLE PCE980 Tile & Masonry Saw

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The saw is very powerful, but very controllable. Great Product, and the shipping was really fast! It's small, lightweight and just more fun to use. I ran it through some cutting tests in the shop. Treat this tool right and it should last a lifetime!

Honorable Mentions

If you are thinking that the Tile & Masonry Saws Under $1000 mentioned above don't meet your needs, we rated several additional selections that might better match your needs. We identified quite a few superb Tile & Masonry Saws throughout our investigation. Using exhaustive research and testing, the choices above are our preferred Tile & Masonry Saws. That doesn't mean there aren't several additional great Tile & Masonry Saws Under $1000.

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5. Leegol Electric 1 Tile & Masonry Saw

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Cut the big pieces of wood down to smaller pieces quickly. It lasts all day long with my projects. Its various features are helpful. I am over 70, and it's easy for me to use. It's a compact and easy to use machine.

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6. Chicago Electric Professional Tile & Masonry Saw

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I am happy to have added this to my Chicago Electric Professional collection. This tool is priced right and feels good in the hand. Very impressed with how tough and rugged this Tile & Masonry Saw is. Slipping different blades in and out was a breeze. This saw replaced my 25+ year old Tile & Masonry Saw.

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7. MK Diamond 159943 Tile & Masonry Saw

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This one really makes the work a lot easier! Surprisingly capable, and feels better than any other Tile & Masonry Saw. Easy to maneuver yet powerful. For a typical homeowner this is Tile & Masonry Saw more than enough. Metal and wood - this saw does the job very easily.

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8. PORTER-CABLE PCC780LA Tile & Masonry Saw

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Works great and has plenty of power for household use. No issues at all and the tool never slowed down. Metal and wood - this saw does the job very easily. Easy to maneuver yet powerful. Cuts through anything you put in front of it.

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9. QEP 61024 Tile & Masonry Saw

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Great Product, and the shipping was really fast! It’s easy to change blades and it holds them tight. I am over 70, and it's easy for me to use. The concentrated demolishing power is astounding. The QEP 61024 is easy to hold and line-up for the cut.

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10. Ryobi Tc401 Tile & Masonry Saw

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So much lighter & easier to use than my chain saw. This Tile & Masonry Saw is way smoother than others I have tried. This Tile & Masonry Saw is great for beginners and pros. More power, quieter, easier to change blades, etc. So much lighter & easier to use than my chain saw.