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2. Rod Guard RG301-4, RG300-12 Arc Welder

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This one fired right up out of the box with no worries. This is a impressive tool, very useful, and easy to use. Starting the arc is always the tricky part of stick welding. I live in another country where good quality welders are not available. Working in our shop perfectly, completely satisfied.

The Rod Guard RG100, RG101-4 Arc Welder B06VWC2FYD was undoubtedly our favorite Rod Guard Welders. Having said that, there were a handful of other really high quality Rod Guard Welders worth showcasing here that only just fell short.

Rod Guard is another top manufacturer of Welders. They build the tool next up on our lineup. Rod Guard's Arc Welders are no exception. It was terrific to try the RG301-4, RG300-12. I was very pleased with this tool!

The Rod Guard RG301-4, RG300-12 Arc Welder, at $89.99 is an especially exceptional Welder for the price. The Rod Guard RG301-4, RG300-12 is truly a sound option. Of you are not sure about our top selection, I would opt for this Welder.

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Rod Guard RG301-4, RG300-12 Features

Holder accommodates 36" canisters

Each canister holds up to 10 lbs of 36" electrodes

225°F Max, 37" Overall length, Chloride free

High-impact polyethylene

Made in USA