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These Are Some Of The Highest Rated Strong Hand Tools Welders Available Today
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2. Strong Hand Tools TS3020FK Arc Welder

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Bottom line if you are in the market for a arc welder, buy it! This thing is totally AWESOME! Looks to be a high quality rod, though I'm a farmer, not a welder. I really doubt you would be unhappy with it! It is sturdy, heavy duty and just right for a DYI garage guy.

The Strong Hand Tools Val-ts3020fk-amz Arc Welder B004HL24RA was really our favorite Strong Hand Tools Welders. However, there were several other truly high quality Strong Hand Tools Welders we wanted to showcase here that just barely missed first place.

Strong Hand Tools is an additional leading producer of Welders. They produce the tool next up on our list. Strong Hand Tools's Arc Welders are also top quality. I was eager to have a go at the model TS3020FK and I was not let down!

The model TS3020FK Arc Welder by Strong Hand Tools, at $170.03 is an especially excellent Welder for the money. The Strong Hand Tools TS3020FK is definitely a solid option. Of you are not sure about our top pick, I would opt for this Welder.

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Strong Hand Tools TS3020FK Features

Three 1. 1″ (28mm) slots in the tabletop allow for insertion of clamps to reach any point on the table.

Tabletop tilts to three positions: Horizontal, 30°, and folded for mobility.

Two retractable, perpendicular steel guide rails can be used as guides, stops, or clamping edges.

Affordable, convenient welding and work table for the welding shop or home shop

Tabletop height can be adjusted from 26″ to 32″ (660 – 810 mm).

Table moves about the work area on 2 sturdy casters.

The Strong Hand Tools ARA18 and the GM203 by Strong Hand Tools are worthy of a look also. Both Strong Hand Tools and Strong Hand Tools are thought to be two of the top suppliers of superior Welders. Both these tools are highly rated also. The ARA18 advertises a rating of 4.5/5 when contrasted against the 4.3/5 star rating for the Strong Hand Tools GM203.

The ARA18 by Strong Hand Tools has a few features you wont experience on competing Arc Welders. For example Fully adjustable. Fully articulated.. The GM203 by Strong Hand Tools although, is very competitive featuring The PowerBase Grounding Magnet sets up quickly and easily. Start grounding instantly! and even Powerful rare earth magnet delivers heavy duty holding power..

Both of these couple selections make a fantastic choice if you're in the market for Strong Hand Tools Welders
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3. Strong Hand Tools ARA18 Arc Welder

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Everything says the magnetic strength is 150lbs, I think we can all agree on that. They run as nice and smooth as the 7018 rods I use in my welding class. Arrived in perfect condition and worked flawlessly! Great addition to the the shop. You can try, and I've been successful, but it is very difficult.

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4. Strong Hand Tools GM203 Arc Welder

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Good ergonomics, very good bite on electrodes, and easy to install. Arrived in perfect condition and worked flawlessly! Bought this to teach myself welding. The amperage markings go by every twenty amps. They run as nice and smooth as the 7018 rods I use in my welding class.