Makita Vs Dewalt Power Drill Sets – Which Is Better?

We all love our power tools. Most of us have been working with them our entire lives. Over time, we tend to become loyal to particular brand of power tool and purchase that brand above all others.

For the most part, the best brand comes down to personal preference. That is to say its really subjective. It depends a lot on the type of work your doing. It also depends on whether you are a contractor who uses your tools day in and day out, or a DIYer who uses your tools for a few hours per month. Despite the fact that the best tool brand comes down to mostly personal preference, there are definitely some tried and true factors we can look at which can help guide your purchasing decision.

There are two popular power tool manufacturers we are going to compare today. Those are Dewalt and Makita. Both these manufactures are extremely popular and both make really quality power tools. In reality you would probably be just fine going either way. Let's dig in though and try to figure out which brand is the better one to go with.

Makita Power Drill Set

Makita drill set is awesome! super fast charge! great for residential and commercial projects. These Makita drills are very well made and very easy to use. They have great battery indicators and also a very handy medium size tool bag that comes with it.

Both Makita and Dewalt drivers have very good power and last has a long lasting charge. The charger is wonderful! it has easy to read lights and audible alert for when charging is complete! its simple and easy to slide the batteries on and off the charger. It also has a fan inside the charger to keep it cool while batteries are charging.

Dewalt Power Drill Set

These drills are powerful! I can't imagine a use for power setting 3 (both units have 3 levels), maybe turning a Ferris wheel or winching a monster truck out of the mud? Sheesh. If I find a use for 3rd gear I'll report back. Drove 3.5" hex screws using level 2 into hard lumber like push pins. This system uses direct brushless power and it's the only way to go.

The Dewalt systems also have 3 LED lights. This feature is more useful than I would have imagined. When you have a single LED, you often get hard shadows where you are trying to work. In tight dark spaces it can be difficult to see. The 3 LED system completely eliminates shadows which is a lot more helpful than I would have imagined.

The battery indicator on the Dewalt system is on the back of the battery. Some other systems put the indicator on the side or the bottom which is difficult to see. With the indicator on the back it's very easy to see how much juice you have left.

The Dewalt Drill system also includes an impact driver. The 1/4" quick release means bits are a one hand operation both in and out. When the drill hits resistance and the impact kicks in. Whatever's on the business end becomes a helpless victim.

The crazy thing is that you can put it on power level 1 and it's delicate enough to drive 1/2" weak sauce screws into soft wood.

The belt clips are easy to add / remove and they have a smart design. Belt clips are unnecessary in the workshop, but they are very useful when you are on a ladder.


In summary, both these drill sets are great. I think you would be well served with either option. However if I had to choose I would go with the Dewalt. I think it's a better value for the money. The Dewalt also has more features.

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